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Puma is coming back to New York Fashion Week 2022 with the “Futrograde” show



Puma is coming back to New York Fashion Week 2022 with the Futrograde show

Puma will be getting back to New York Fashion Week with “Futrograde,” a runway show featuring fashion, music, and sport, on Sept. 13 at 9 p.m.

The event will combine physical and digital as the two look back at the brand’s legacy and ahead to what’s in store.

The last time Puma was introduced at NYFW was in September 2017 when it arranged the Fenty Puma by Rihanna show.

Inside a downtown space changed by light, music, and projection impacts, visitors will actually want to see Puma’s sports fashion vision. Across women’s and men’s collections, there will be remixed retro signatures, forthcoming coordinated efforts, custom pieces, and future-inclining looks. The specific area isn’t being uncovered right now.

Close by the show, Puma will uncover a digital experience that combines interactive components to engage a global audience and further layout Puma in the Web3 space after a few cooperative projects in the principal half of the year.

Adam Petrick, a chief brand officer of Puma, said, “Returning to fashion week for the first time in several years is significant for us because we knew we needed the right combination of factors to be present. With an emphasis on digital, a great lineup of ambassadors, and an amazing creative partner in [creative director] June Ambrose, the foundation and creativity for a great show are there. We’re excited that this can be the moment for us to bring it to life.”

Futrograde will feature various individuals from the Puma family, from athletes to celebrities.

Heritage elements, from the T7 track-motivated formstrip to the signature jumping logo, will meet with futuristic designs. Joint efforts from such individuals as Dapper Dan, Palomo, AC Milan, and Koche will represent a critical part of the show, everyone deciphering the brand’s legacy with a twist. A range of fall 2022 pieces will be accessible quickly following the show while others will show up for spring 2023.

The choice of looks, from both ebb and flow and future seasons, as well as custom pieces, is being curated by Ambrose, who has likewise designed a few exclusive runway pieces.

“My life and work have been rooted in street culture and developing the relationship between urban sensibilities and industries. When I entered the business nearly three decades ago, my mission was to influence generations of people who dream about being seen. This perspective is what I bring to Puma and it reflects my mindset as I curate the Futrograde show. I want to connect the emotional narrative of our lives to the show, through the cyclical nature of fashion. I’m excited about the audience’s perception of how we are presenting the idea of a ‘future-forward classic’; tapping into nostalgia and reimagining it for the future. I want this concept to challenge the audience to be creative with their present, as they forecast what’s next,” Ambrose said.

Petrick added, “It is our aim that this experience, whether in person or immersed digitally, will illustrate the history and heritage of our brand through a reimagined and futuristic lens.”

David Stamatis, executive creative director and partner at Future, an organization that makes, partners, and puts resources into thoughts and content, is driving both innovative direction and digital production of the show. Nearer to the show, Puma will give extra insights regarding the digital components.

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