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Samsung updates older Gear watches with handy fitness tools



Samsung updates older Gear watches with handy fitness tools

As concentrated as Samsung may be on the Galaxy Watch, regardless it has a lot of affection for its older smartwatches. It’s rolling out an update for the Gear S3 and Gear Sport that includes a whirlwind of welcome highlights, especially in case you’re fitness-minded. Samsung Health updates now support numerous indoor workouts, and you can string together workouts if you’re switching between routines at the gym. The Health Widget, meanwhile, now delivers sleep stage info.

You’ll likewise observe a few updates that should enable you relax and save time. Theater and Sleep modes enable you to stop diversions, and you’ll have “easier and faster” controls in the Quick Panel. You can switch music sources on the watch as opposed to utilizing a phone, as well. Text messaging is easier with both drafts and quicker replies, while even the settings section has received a tune-up with better discovery for features.

The software refresh was just accessible in the US as of this writing, despite the fact that it’s relied upon to achieve different countries in the not so distant future. While these upgrades won’t make you forget that you have a slightly older watch, they will keep it relevant.

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