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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 update does not get along with some older watch faces



Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 update does not get along with some older watch faces

A couple of days prior, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 got what is seemingly its most critical software update up until this point. It added a clothing rundown of highlights, including new watch faces, better rest following, and more. Notwithstanding, a Reddit client has found that it breaks a fundamental feature simultaneously.

The most recent software update makes the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 to a lesser extent a watch

It appears to be that the most recent Galaxy Watch 4 update doesn’t refresh the time and date in encompassing mode. Basically, the qualities are stuck until physically revived. Albeit the Galaxy Watch 4 offers much more, frequently individuals simply need to look at it to actually look at the time, and the most recent update breaks that exceptionally basic capacity.

The Reddit client believes that the foundation of the issue could be the onTimeTick() technique not being summoned in encompassing mode. Normally, it is called each moment to guarantee that the time and date values are forward-thinking. The issue just impacted more seasoned watch faces that utilization the WatchFaceService.Engine.

More up-to-date Galaxy Watch 4 watch faces don’t utilize the previously mentioned motor and ought not to be tormented by the bug. In any case, it is as yet a bug that Samsung needs to address, and it is yet to recognize the issue authoritatively. Given the limited scale of the issue, Samsung will most likely take as much time as necessary to give a fix.


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