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Shapewear Black Friday sales, choose Feelingirldress




Feelingirldress has launched a series of wholesale body shapers promotions for you, today let me introduce to you in detail the selection and details of shapewear!

Not to mention the origin and development history of shapewear, let’s first discuss the principles of modern shapewear. Generally speaking, wearing shapewear basically has two major functions. One is to prevent gravity from causing the flesh to sag, and the other is to prevent cell growth, because the body’s obese cells are long in areas where you do not exercise, such as butterfly sleeves, waist, Both the abdomen and thighs, so relying on the shapewear is to inhibit the growth of these fat globules.


The shapewear is based on the principle of “fat flowability”, which gradually returns the lost, displaced, and sagging fat to the correct position and locks it in a vertical shape. The shapewear combines the principles of ergonomics, is designed and calculated according to the golden ratio of human bones, and uses multi-piece three-dimensional tailoring to maximize support and wrap the chest. Then use good elasticity and resilience to tighten loose skin caused by fat.


Usually after surgery, postpartum recovery, exercise and fitness are commonly used and must use shapewear. The shapewear for surgery is used to compress and stop bleeding on the part of the operation, fit the skin, assist the soft tissue to restore its shape, and shape the body. Sports and fitness, including bodybuilding, heavy training, etc., all need shapewear to protect the skin, increase muscle strength, strengthen joint elasticity and coordinate the unity of the body.


In addition, after gynecological caesarean section or natural childbirth, women’s breasts, abdomen, and lower limbs are all parts of the body that have undergone major changes due to pregnancy and childbirth. Shapewear can assist breast enlargement and uterine contractions caused by sudden changes in hormones. , The cavity is not correct, skin elasticity shrinks and other problems. During the 1-6 months postpartum, because the body has the best metabolism after giving birth, it is also the most suitable time to wear shapewear.

In addition, Feelingirldress also provides you with similar waist and thigh trainer activities to help you choose appropriate related products while choosing body shapers.


The same is true for the problem of accessory breasts. The principle of shaping clothes must be understood before. If you ask about accessory breasts, you must first understand what an accessory breast is? Accessory breasts are excess breasts that appear in the human body in addition to normal breasts, including congenital accessory breasts and acquired accessory breasts, or pseudo accessory breasts. Congenital accessory breasts is divided into complete accessory breats and incomplete accessory breats. Complete accessory breast refers to the part of accessory breast that has breast and nipple tissue, while incomplete accessory breast has only one kind of tissue. But this is completely pathological, if you really have it, you need to undergo surgery to remove it. Because some congenital accessory breasts can become cancerous. However, most women’s accessory breasts are pseudo-accompanying breasts, that is, they do not have any breast tissue components, but are caused by the accumulation of excess fat. This type of accessory breasts can be completely eliminated through the adjustment of body shaping clothes and certain fitness training.

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