Small city, big dreams: Nadir Awais is a young singer with a passion for living life through melodies

Nadir Awais 1

Nadir Awais is a seemingly common young man, but delve a little deeper and he holds many facets to his personality. Hailing from the city of Nehtaur, Bijnor, in Uttar Pradesh, Nadir Awais is a man of many talents and hobbies. Although he isn’t very old, having been born on the 30th of March in the year 2002, yet he is already a man of vast knowledge about an array of topics ranging from music and other arts, to academics as well as general knowledge about the world around us. His main interest though, lies in singing and he is constantly putting in efforts to become a better singer through any method possible.

From his childhood, Nadir Awais has been interested in learning more and more and broadening his horizons. His preferred choice of pastime today is truly reflective of the same motive that he has carried on from an early age. He spends a lot of time and energy understanding and appreciating literature and music. The hobbies have now started becoming a bigger part of life and Nadir Awais, now growing into a conscious adult, is ready to make them a part of his future career. One of his many talents is singing and Nadir Awais is definitely good at it. He has spent a lot of time training both his understanding and grasp on the technical aspect of singing as well as his vocal prowess and capacity. His ability to sing any song from any genre is truly amazing and wondrous if one didn’t know about the years and years of determination and practice behind them.

Nadir Awais isn’t afraid of putting in effort and hard work. Instead, we will often see him shedding blood, sweat and tears as he attempts to be the most successful at whatever he takes a liking to.  This is evident in other sectors of his life as well. Currently, Nadir Awais is a higher secondary graduate and is preparing for NEET, the all-India national eligibility cum entrance test for aspiring doctors and other categories of medical workers.  The NEET exam is one that many attempt but few succeed in, but Nadir Awais seems like a person who will surely be able to crack it.  To be quite frank, it is the way he has handled his life till now, which makes us so sure about this. His go-getter attitude and ability to keep a smile on his face in even the roughest of storms is an asset to someone with such big aspirations.

When asked about who motivates him to stay so motivated, Nadir Awais is very happy to reveal that it is none other than his parents. Their constant support and blessings are what makes Nadir work harder so that he can create a better, more melodious tomorrow for himself and his family.