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Steps to change the Instagram app icon on your iPhone



Instagram Change App Icon iPhone

Instagram has celebrated its 10th birthday celebration by letting you can change the app icon during October 2020. There are a dozen alternatives to browse, including the classic Polaroid camera icon. Here are steps to change the Instagram app icon on your iPhone.

Notwithstanding the classic Polaroid, clients have the alternative to pick between a few distinctive app icons. Simply pick the one you like and make it the default for your phone. This is particularly incredible news for Instagram clients (not naming names, however me) who are not too obsessed with its present branding.

Lamentably, at the time of writing, it doesn’t seem like the Easter Egg is accessible on Android.

Steps to change the Instagram app icon

  1. To start with, go to the App Store and check for app updates. At that point, open the Instagram app on your iPhone and tap the Profile icon in the bottom-right corner.

2. Here, tap the hamburger Menu icon found in the top-right corner.

3. From the pop-up window, pick the “Settings” option.

4. In the Settings page, swipe down from the top of the screen. Keep swiping down until you get to the end of the screen. You’ll see a line of emojis to guide your way as you get to the top. You’ll see confetti once you reach the end of the emoji.

5. You’re currently in the hidden app icon screen. Here are generally the accessible Instagram app icon options.

6. Select the app icon you want to change to. You can pick the classic Polaroid camera, Instagram’s original logo, or any of the other custom icons.

7. The icon will be changed, and you’ll see a pop-up message affirming the change. Tap the “OK” button to dismiss this pop-up.

8. Presently, when you return to your iPhone’s home screen, you’ll see the updated app icon.

You can return and change the app icon whenever while the feature is as yet accessible in the Instagram app.

In case you’re running iOS 14 or higher, you can really change the Instagram app icon to anything you want.

Follow the below steps to get the new Instagram app icon

Steps to change Instagram app icon on your iPhone

Here’s how to get the icons:

  1. Open Instagram and go to Settings
  2. Scroll all the way up past the search bar and you’ll see a few emojis
  3. Hold up until you see the confetti, at that point the screen swipes left
  4. You’ll see the list of icon options there. Select the one you want
  5. When you’re successful, you’ll see a pop-up message

The function should work on iOS or Android, albeit a few clients on Twitter have revealed that it’s not working for them. On the off chance that you experience issues, you may need to update the app.


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