Streignth Sportswear Sees Impressive Growth Powered By Founder Shane Skaar’s Positive Mission


Faced with adversity and struggle, Shane Skaar had two options: give up, or persevere. Spoiler alert: he chose to persevere.

Born with a rare chest condition, Skaar grew up dealing with bullies and a lack of self-esteem. Despite the challenges, Skaar pushed forward, keeping his head in the right space. After a corrective surgery for his chest condition and a found love of fitness, Skaar set out to create the best version of himself that he could, both physically and mentally.

The natural progression of Skaar’s journey led to the creation of Streignth, a sportswear brand with a mission to empower and motivate those within the community. With an emphasis on self-growth and positivity, the company wears its mission statement proudly, stating, “Create the greatest version of yourself and always strive for more. Never settling. Always hungry for more. Stand out. Stay hungry. And Reign”.

With a motive for making a difference in its community, Streignth has gone on to grow rapidly across the midwest – especially in Wisconsin, where the brand’s La Crosse headquarters is. In just two years of business, the brand has taken orders from all 50 United States and has gained recognition from several news networks for its achievements in the community.

Now, to kick off 2021 in a big way, Shane Skaar’sStreignth has dropped a brand new collection of merchandise entitled “The Golden Standard”. According to the Streignth website, “This launch symbolizes setting yourself up in the best position possible to succeed and live to your fullest potential physically, mentally, and spiritually”. Aiming to encourage people to strive for more, Streignth continues to blossom as it enters its third year.

Find the latest Streignth drop here.

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