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TC1 Gel Has Come A Long Way From Humble Beginnings



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When the founder of TC1 Gel (@tc1gel) James Cork decided to start his fitness company, he wasn’t really sure how successful it would become. Low and behold, just several years later, TC1 is a household brand within the fitness industry, and they are constantly growing day by day.

James said that he started TC1 after coming to the realization that he could do a great job marketing for businesses in the fitness industry. He was working with companies that were selling their own fitness products to help them advertise, so he figured that he could start doing it himself. After all, if he could do such a great job for them, why couldn’t he do the same for his own brand?

The appeal for James to start his own company was massive. He wanted to be able to create a company that had a great culture behind it, and one that could grow a really engaged community of followers. So when James started looking for people to bring on to help him grow TC1 Gel, he really made sure to hire people that filled out a few categories.

The first category was dedication. He wanted to make sure that they were hard working, and that they weren’t going to slack off when things got tough or the business went through a slow period. He says that’s the most important part of finding people to work with. You really need people who are dedicated and hard workers.

The second thing that James looked for was character. He wanted to find employees that had great character, people that he would enjoy working with, and people that he could trust with anything. And finally, James wanted to make sure that they knew how to market! After all, James believes that after you create a great product, the most important aspect of business is the ability to market your product well. And TC1 Gel has done both of these exceptionally well.

Not only has their signature product, their Sweat Ignition Gel gotten rave reviews from customers, but the marketing behind the product is top notch. TC1 Gels relies primarily on advertising on social media. They leverage Facebook ads to reach people in their target audience, and draw them into their community that way. Once they purchase from them once, they tend to come back for more. After all, the Sweat Ignition Gel is a consumable product, and eventually it will run out.

James hopes that his company will help people become more passionate about their health and wellness. He believes that a lack of commitment to fitness is a big reason why people are so stressed out and anxious in this day and age. He believes that if everyone just gets in one workout a day they will be so much better off. He knows from personal experience that a few minutes of vigorous physical activity will make you more productive and less anxious in your day to day life.

James wants to grow TC1 Gel to become one of the biggest brands in fitness. He is going to continue working on this brand until he achieves his goal, and he has no plans of settling down anytime soon. For James, leaving an impact on this world is a major priority. He wants to use TC1 Gel as a way to help people get to their fitness goals, but also just make fitness a part of their daily lifestyle. He knows that humans are meant to be active creatures, and that we’re not meant to sit down at our desk or on our couch all day. He hopes that people realize this now sooner than later, as he knows that the older you get, the harder it is to break old habits.

For now, TC1 will continue building it’s community of followers and work their way up to the top of their industry.

To keep up with TC1, follow them on Instagram.

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