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The Success Anatomy Of Young Trader Andrey Santin



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Andrey Santin is a young successful Trader & Artist who started making youtube videos in 2015, he now also does Forex & provides tips for others on how to move in global markets and how to learn more about business and life.


Andrey’s company provides tips and ideas on how to move in global markets, which is extremely helpful to know. They also teach how to learn the most you can about business and life.

Continuing to grow & succeed

Santin will continue to grow himself and his business by creating more content about his work. He will also teach others how to succeed as soon as possible.

Advice to someone starting out

One piece of advice Andrey would give to someone just starting out would be to be different, in order to stand out you need to be unique to show you aren’t like everyone else. Santin then adds to be yourself, trust your soul, and to learn everyday as much as you can.

Inspiration to be successful

What inspired Andrey to become successful was freedom, and to make all the people that believed in him proud.

Challenges faced as a young entrepreneur

Challenges Santin has faced as a young entrepreneur was that many people were trying to bring him down, like with fake news and negative commentary. Despite all that he continues opportunities to grow with his company.

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