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Today, in this conversation with Saeed Shams, one of the most active musicians in Iran, we talk about supporting artists



Today in this conversation with Saeed Shams one of the most active musicians in Iran we talk about supporting artists

Music is a big part of our lives and supporting artists and musicians are very important right now. So what can we do to help those who make music, especially during the most difficult times?

We must support the music industry and the people who work in it. You may be wondering, how can we support artists and musicians practically and financially? And the good news is, that there are ways for all of us to do this.

Stay tuned for the rest of this article to see what difference you can make and how small changes and considerations can morally guarantee your hearing and observation.

How to support singers and musicians

Imagine a new age without live music. It is inconceivable that art and culture are not the only things that make us feel good. Hybrid industries employ hundreds of thousands of people, see some of our largest exports, generate huge revenues, and play an important role in the economies of the countries studied in this article, Iran, the United Kingdom, and other countries.

We also have one of the best music styles and styles in the world in Iran. For this reason, music and musicians like any other commercial or similar sector should be supported.

How to support musicians

In addition, almost all musicians are self-employed free of charge without premiums, vacation pay, or job security. This is part of the lifestyle and is acceptable to anyone who enters it. But that means we must do our best to ensure that we do not do anything that makes working conditions unfair or immoral for them.

It can be simply thinking about how music helps you, such as donating to charities that help those in need.

Fund for the Support of Artists and Music Supporters

PRS provides funding and funding for emerging arts. Joining PRS is recommended as a musician, as it ensures that you get the salary you owe. In addition, by supporting PRS and supporting them, you are supporting your fellow musicians. You pay for your supervisor and this is added to the PRS fund, much of which is invested in emerging talent.

The same is true of the Musicians’ Union. It is always good to be part of a larger community because these communities help the people in it.

There are other organizations you can join or donate to. Included :

  • OBO
  • The Fusion Fund
  • The Arts Council and Creative Scotland
  • ArtistShare
  • Patreon

On the other hand, you can check out fundraising programs that musicians may launch on Crowdfunder and Kickstarter.

The best way to buy music is to support artists

You may not be able to invest money in these types of cases, and this is perfectly normal or good. In fact, there is something even more valuable than you can do that will not cost you much. Buy music morally.

There are many ways to support musicians in a way that you can also acquire. Here are some things you can buy:

  • Official merch (not eBay second-hand versions or knockoffs)
  • Gig and event tickets
  • Physical albums and EPs
  • Downloads of tracks, albums, and EPs
  • Streaming songs
  • Buy music from official malls (not second-hand eBay or copied).
  • Buy tickets for celebrations and concerts.
  • Buy physical albums and….
  • Legal purchase and download of songs, albums, and….

Purchase from official song distribution centers.

You can also invite musicians to work. Even if you do not work in music, you will need their services from time to time, especially at weddings and parties. Make sure everyone you hire is paid fairly and is clear about what you expect of them and any contract.

Or if you are a writer, blogger, or blogger, you can support artists and musicians by writing articles about them, this will provide them with free advertising.

The most ethical way to buy music

Needless to say, you should not download music illegally. It may seem like a harmless way to access free stations, but it’s very harmful to artists, and distributors, about how stealing music affects the industry and why you create the problem. Learn a lot by watching this video.

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