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Tom Brady cheers Rob Gronkowski trade from the Patriots to Tampa Bay Buccaneers



Tom Brady cheers Rob Gronkowski trade from the Patriots to Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady keeps up an active presence via social media, so it was likely just a short time Tuesday evening before the new Buccaneers quarterback shared his joy at Tampa Bay’s obtaining of Rob Gronkowski from New England. There were plenty of feelings following the trade of Rob Gronkowski from the Patriots to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

While some other present and previous NFL players thought about whether the staggering trade demonstrated that retirement of Rob Gronkowski a year ago had more to do with his despondency with Patriots Coach Bill Belichick’s famously all-business approach, Tom Brady indicated he was as happy as entertainer Jonah Hill in an image commendable scene from the 2010 film, “Get Him to the Greek.”

New England fans were vexed. Some felt slighted and others were just baffled that one of the best players in franchise history was leaving for another team. Around the league, different fans were jaunty to see the Patriots lose one more piece from their dynastic run. Buccaneers fans were eager to get a Hall of Fame tight end at the minimal effort of just a fourth-round pick to add to their already deep offensive arsenal.

Nonetheless, the person who may have been the most joyful was the quarterback of Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady.

After the trade, the NFL’s Instagram account set up one of Patriots fans’ preferred videos, initially posted by Tom Brady. The video portrays the quarterback and tight end praising their AFC Championship win over the Chiefs on their way to a Super Bowl 53 win. The post highlights rapper P. Diddy’s song “Bad Boys for Life,” with the lyrics “We ain’t goin’ nowhere. We ain’t.. goin’ nowhere. We can’t be stopped.”

Tom Brady commented on the NFL’s post, saying “run it back,” tending to that he and Rob Gronkowski can be successful together once more. He at that point shared the video on his Instagram story with a GIF portraying an excited Jonah Hill from the film “Get Him to the Greek.”

The 42-year-old quarterback has a great deal to be excited about. He’s on a new team with two 1,000-yard receivers, two beginning caliber tight ends, the fourteenth pick in the draft, a coach who comprehends the significance of family, $50 million, and a team that is focused on him for numerous years.

Everything’s turning up Tom Brady at present.

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