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Top 5 places to travel and visit historic and scenic cities in Japan



Top 5 places to travel and visit historic and scenic cities in Japan

As vaccinations are carrying out and borders are resuming, Japan is becoming everybody’s first travel destination. During quarantine, everybody either scarcely began an anime obsession or revived their love for the genre. Presently, it’s even hard to track down somebody who hasn’t seen a scene of Hunter x Hunter or Haikyuu!!.

With Japan’s expanding popularity, numerous individuals are planning their Tokyo travel schedule. Even though Tokyo is everybody’s go-to city when traveling to Japan, we will show some excellent cities which deserve a similar amount of love. Here are some stunning Japanese cities that are loaded up with animating history and peaceful culture:


Well known for its Buddhist temples and breathtaking imperial palaces, Kyoto is a must-visit city. There are a lot of activities here in Japan’s original capital city.

Hike through the Torii Gates at the Fushimi Inari Shrine with trails going up a grand mountain. Bright orange gates make the way through the peaceful & deep forest.

Walk the Gion region and witness completely preserved historic architecture and beautiful narrow stone ways. This charming region is lined with paper lanterns and traditional kimonos. Gion is additionally known for its wonderful geishas who can be spotted all through the area; nonetheless, numerous tourists will crowd them so kindly be aware.

Visit the historic Kiyomizu-Dera temple which was established in 778 AD. This hillside location offers a wonderful picturesque perspective on the whole city.

Make sure to travel to Kyoto in case you’re searching for rich culture and peaceful scenes.


Nara is renowned for its friendly deer which calmly roam all through Nara Park. The public park additionally has various shrines and museums to visit.

Tōdai-Ji is one of Nara’s most valuable sites. This notable temple has a statue of Buddha which measures fifteen meters high. The architecture was planned by Emperor Shōmu in 728 AD.

The Shinto shrine, Kasuga Grand Shrine, dates back more than 1,300 years. The shrine is well known for its exquisite bronze lanterns and beautiful architectural design.


Osaka is a vibrant city with the same amount of clamor as Tokyo. Nonetheless, the city is likewise known for its Osaka Castle. The expansive castle is an incredible sight, and during Spring, the surrounding cherry blooms sprout. Pink petals just increment the antiquated beauty of Osaka Castle.

Dotonbori is an Osaka district with modern neon-lit streets loaded up with restaurants, shops, and bars. This is the most famous area of Osaka where you won’t ever get bored.

In case you’re getting hungry, head over to Kuromon Market and attempt the famous Osaka cooking. Here you can track down a staggering measure of local delights. This covered market is for each one of those foodies searching for the best food this city has to offer.


Naha is the capital of Okinawa prefecture which is a tropical island situated in southern Japan. Naha offers a lot of scenic ocean views for those hoping to sunbathe on Japanese sands.

Okinawa cuisine is additionally famous for its particular flavors and fresh seafood. There will be no absence of great restaurants and diners in this seaside city.

Likewise, try to visit Shurijo Castle which was built in the fourteenth century. The palace was totally obliterated during the Battle of Okinawa yet was reestablished during the 1950s.

Rest on the shores of Naminoue Beach which is popular for its crystal clear waters. You can likewise discover a shrine that sits on a cliff above the shore. This is the only public beach in Naha; nonetheless, the excellence and invigorating breeze cause it to appear as though it was never moved by humanity.


This city is the capital of Ishikawa prefecture and is valued for its Edo-era architecture. Entirely saved, Kanazawa highlights numerous art museums and tranquil gardens.

This historic city is additionally known for its geishas and samurais which keep the old culture flourishing in modern life.

Go for a walk in Kenroku-en Garden which is well known for its delightful lakes and streams. The garden even contains Japan’s oldest fountain which is worked by natural water pressure.

Kanazawa, albeit more modest than Kyoto, offers similarly as rich a cultural experience.

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