Top Model Kartik Sharma makes it big in the fashion industry with his neoteric skills

Kartik Sharma d

Talking about one such renowned personality is Kartik Sharma, a passionate 20-year-old model making strides in the fashion fraternity

Kartik Sharma

Today India’s fashion industry is no longer dominated by women. India has produced some of the renowned male models for the fashion world. They are not only doing well for themselves but have turned role models for others.

Talking about one such renowned personality is Kartik Sharma, a passionate 20-year-old model making strides in the fashion fraternity. Hailing from Delhi, he is an upcoming  fashion model seeking prestige value for ‘Model of India’.

Kartik has always been inclined towards fashion and style since childhood but he never imagined that his ultimate passion and love for unique styling would someday turn him into the top model of the country. Currently, he is working with some major brands for upcoming shoots and work.

Dedicating his life to the fashion field, Kartik believes in learning from the challenges that he has faced during his entire journey of being prominent. His secret to being a motivated candidate is that he loves to be in a healthy state both mentally and physically. Strength and weight training are part of his daily routine and he is inspiring a lot of people to follow the same. His sheer work and dedication has made him garner massive appreciation throughout the country and have also given him a breakthrough in some prestigious fashion pageants including Mr. & Miss. India International Star 2021 & Mr. & Miss. UP’s Top Model 2021-22.

Apart from being a model, the latter is also passionate and holds interest in singing and music. With a dedicated schedule in his daily life, singing helps him to socialize and provides him the required peace of mind. Not just considering himself a bathroom singer, he is serious and dedicated about the work he does. Kartik is an admirable undertraining overall performer and a likable Stromer.

Striving to be the next big model showcasing extraordinary skills and talent, Purujit Singh, founder of Big Projects has signed him as the Official Model of Big Projects company & Kartik now will be showcasing his Face via Big Projects in upcoming events. & Purujit Singh is looking forward to Kartik’s successful career. Purujit Singh also said he will look after him personally to guide him in Fashion Pageants.

Overwhelmed with the opportunity, Kartik while talking about his upcoming projects, says, “I’m ready to face all the challenges, & I’m here not only to win the title but to become the heart of Fashion Field & that day isn’t far now.”