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Tough times don’t last, tough people do



Tough times dont last tough people do

You probably have heard that statement at one point in your life, and it’s clearly true. We’ve witnessed tons of earthquakes, floods, plagues and diseases and even meteor impacts, stock market crashes and depressions, yet mankind is still around. 

But what is the underlying denominator of people who survive and go on to thrive in such situations? 

You would agree with me that they are the resilient ones, the ones with mental and physical strength, the ones that have learned to acquire grit and perseverance. These are the ones who emerge victoriously.

Even if we want to be less dramatic, way less dramatic and just look at our modern economy and business life, we realize that the ones who make it and the ones that survive always have the very same character traits: perseverance, mental toughness, grit, determination and a large amount of fearlessness. 

Many years ago, the great depression hit this country. Over five hundred thousand people lost their jobs and incomes, one of them a Chicago Blacksmith called Charles K. Dandridge. Many of these newly unemployed took to begging, thievery and just plain hopelessness. 

Yet Charles K. Dandridge shook his head no and determined to try something else. That period saw him start over a dozen business that failed, yet Old Charles never gave up, eventually inventing an entirely new technological tool for blacksmiths, the patent of which netted him millions of dollars, making him one of the wealthiest men in Chicago at that time. 

Many would say he was a story of luck, but you and I know that’s not true. What happened was that he had the essential traits in him to succeed.

And this applies not only to business and economics but even life itself. What kind of character traits do you think cancer survivors possess for example? What about elite athletes? Explorers and extraterrestrial navigators?

​Guess what kind of character traits they possess?

Guess what kind of character traits they possess? I’m pretty sure you get the picture.

These character traits do not only exponentially increase your rate of success, but they have also been proven to provide some sort of immunity against the difficulties of life because, to be honest, life has never been easy and never been fair. 

I know that you agree on everything I said so far, so I am confident that you will also agree with me when I tell you that you must take action and vaccinate yourself with these character traits. 

Are we on the same page? Good, because now is where it becomes tricky and where people go the wrong way. 

They genuinely believe that there is a vaccine, a pill or anything they can take to get those character traits. You have been tricked into thinking that there is for everything a comfortable, pain-free solution. 

You have been deceived into believing that reading a book is taking action or that listening to a podcast is taking action. 

Watching Facebook, YouTube or Pinterest is taking action. NO, IT IS NOT!

None of it is. The only action is taking action. Only actively training your character traits in action. Pills, books or social media won’t do it for you.

What do you do? You go where the action is and take action.

Where do you go to gain great character traits? You come and visit me.

My name is Sensei Marcus Hinschberger and my wife Christina, and I are the owners of Tokon Martial Arts. As a martial arts couple, we are considered by others to be experts and a leading authority when it comes to developing mental toughness, inner strength, resiliency, and fearlessness.

We have taught thousands of students around the globe how to strengthen themselves, build up commitment and how to develop an “unstoppable” mindset. We help our students to set goals, and accomplish them. We teach them how to gain more confidence and build higher self-esteem. We help students to increase their focus, have more grit and learn how to persevere. We teach them how to shake off setbacks and try it again one more time.

In our Karate school, we create a high achiever atmosphere that will inspire the student not only to stay on track but to keep improving. We strengthen confidence, reduce fear, anxiety, and doubts. 

We teach our students to excel, improve and to overcome. The family-friendly atmosphere that we have at our school creates a circle of friends that are supportive, inspiring and motivating to excellence.

If you reach black belt level at Tokon Martial Arts, you will have done what many others will never do or accomplish, and you will have not only a different outlook on life but have the tools to succeed in your career and if desired make it take off. 

If you are ready to make a wise decision for yourself, your son, your daughter or for your whole family then come and visit us at Tokon Martial Arts in Sacramento.

Let us help you to last through tough times. Come and enroll at Tokon Martial Arts
The right time to take action and do what is right is always TODAY and NEVER Tomorrow.​

Procrastination is a loser’s game.


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Matthew Gregor decided that he wanted to become a writer at the age of 16, when his high school football team won a big game. He wrote a poem about this, and two days later the poem was published in the local newspaper. When he began his professional writing career, Matthew attempted to write books. Matthew’s writing direction changed and he writes news and articles. He is now onboard with Time Bulletin as a free lance writer.

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