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Actor Alaa Al-Dhafari and a great success in the world of comedy



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The comedian, Alaa Al-Dhafari , of Yemeni origin, managed to achieve great success in the world of comedy despite his young age of “18” after he became famous on social media and then moved to the small screen to participate in several artistic works. Alaa, who is talented by nature, has a wit that makes viewers smile after participating in many comedies and films, not to mention numerous theatrical works alongside the brightest acting stars in the Arabian Gulf.

The comedian, Alaa Al-Dhafari, who lives in California, America, revealed that he is in the process of filming a television series alongside the brightest acting stars, as he began reading the script of this work, which will be shown in Ramadan 2023 Al-Dhafari asserts that his acting skills will not prevent him from completing his university education, as he stresses that science has a special place in his life, in addition to his passion for acting since his childhood.

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