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Truitt Battin looking stylish with his monogram Dior jacket



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Fashion has revolutionized over the years. With trends changing every now and then it sometimes becomes difficult to follow a pattern.
We look up to celebrities for inspiration and ideas and some of them really steal the show.

Pro Soccer player Truitt Battin who has morphed into a modern fashion icon. With his huge social media following, he surely has emerged as one of the most talented and young celebrity who knows his ways of curating real vogue moments with classic as well as unique trends.
He has mastered the art of creating major fashion moments. His recent monogram Dior Jacket look is what people define as an absolute killer that has made him a muse for all fashion inspirations and is such a treat to the eyes.

Kudos to Truitt Battin for carrying ultra fashionable clothes with so much grace and poise.


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