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Understanding the fascinating world with Attila Pergel’s book The Book That Happened



Book That Happened

From a young age Pergel has always been fascinated by his existence. Years of insight has finally culminated in The Book that happened which he says is not about achieving literary success but about offering the human race a chance to ask questions whose importance he feels will help people understand the complete picture. It is his vision to pass on to the world and his family a clear vision of mature thoughts and experiences not through a forceful propagation of theory like other works but through a message and descriptions that help others think beyond their daily experiences. The Book That Happened is not a one-day read and contains multiple levels of understanding. He has done a great job at creating questions in readers mind and help them think and find the answers on their own.

From time immemorial, philosophers and scientists have pondered over the mysteries of the universe with existence and the “nature of being” dominating ontological thought. While several theories attempt to explain the origins of the universe, it is the infinite that is yet to be understood, let alone explained. The Book That Happened is Pergel’s attempt to tackle a complex subject and provoke a thought process within a reader after an initial grounding in the physics of time and space explained through childlike descriptions.

Pergel cleverly unravels what appears to be the territory of quantum physicists and breaks down the why’s and wherefores of the Universe helping a lay man understand a subject from a deeply engrossing perspective. The reader is goaded into wondering about the sensation of the invisible, and why the unseen is not proof of not being there.

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This is the book of awkward questions. It doesn’t promise easy entertainment—it provides understanding at a level that we never reached in school. Does the past, present, and future exist? What are miracles made of? Why can’t science define what time truly is? Is it that simple to understand infinity? You will find a multitude of logical deductions and thought experiments in this book. You will realize how astonishingly wonderful our reality is.

An interesting aspect of The Book That Happened is that it does not claim to be gospel truth. Instead, it attempts to trigger a thought process and nudges a reader towards insight and self-revelation by connecting the dots. Throughout the book Pergel provides entertaining but factual experiments some even shocking.  In a nutshell, The Book That Happened is ontology 2.0 and quanta simplified. It lays down theories, and deals with the concepts of time and space, dimensions, infinity, and chance, within the human experience.  It propagates a concept that fascinates a reader to self-stimulation.

Thus, this book is a must read that will make you find the answers on your own.  This book will make things easier for you to understand and explain. This is the art of the writer that he has done the job so effortlessly that one can’t help praising the amazing work that he has done. The author Attila and the Editor KriszNadasi have done a heavenly thing by bringing this book to the audience. The book is going to be trend setter and bestselling very soon.

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