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Upcoming Pro Wrestling RPG WrestleQuest Declares Game’s Release Date



Upcoming Pro Wrestling RPG WrestleQuest Declares Games Release Date

A brand-new trailer for the upcoming pro wrestling RPG WrestleQuest was disclosed, uncovering the game’s release date for consoles and PC. WrestleQuest was one of the leading indie games present at Nintendo’s new Indie World Showcase this week, and the new trailer investigates the game’s turn-based RPG combat.

WrestleQuest joins the appeal of pixel art turn-based fantasy RPGs with the legacy of 80s and 90s pro wrestling. Players will make their own wrestling hero and ascend through the pro wrestling ranks to become a world champion. While on the way to becoming an eminent champion, players will visit worlds in light of the careers of WWE pro wrestling legends, for example, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Jake the Snake Roberts, The Road Warriors, and Andre the Giant. The fantasy RPG elements become considerably more clear while traversing the worlds and learning new powerful wrestling moves that might turn the tide in challenging fights.

During the November Nintendo Indie World Showcase, publisher Skybound Games and developer Mega Cat Studios declared WrestleQuest will release in May 2023 for consoles and PC. Yet again a new WrestleQuest trailer was released after the new showcase, affirming the release date and giving a brief look into the game’s dynamic turn-based combat. WrestleQuest highlights over 30 pro wrestling stars and legends, as per Skybound Games, so WWE fans will probably perceive a considerable lot of the wrestlers portrayed in the game.

Pre-orders aren’t accessible right now, however excited fans may wishlist to get WrestleQuest on Steam to get updates directly from the developers. Skybound Games will probably update fans about when Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Store, Steam, and Xbox Store digital pre-orders ought to open.

WrestleQuest honors pro wrestling’s beloved legends while carrying a new way to deal with standard turn-based RPG combat. WrestleQuest takes cues from classic Japanese RPGs like Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest with its use of vivid dungeons and fantastical adversaries, so it could be an interesting title for JRPG fans and wrestling fans the same.

The May 2023 release date places WrestleQuest in a prime position for progress away from a significant number of the mid-2023 game releases like Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Dead Space remake, Hogwarts Legacy, and Resident Evil 4 remake. In spite of the fact that WrestleQuest releases nearer to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom next year, indie games are known to thrive with the famous Nintendo Switch platform. As the most recent Indie World Showcase has shown, numerous indie developers are eager to carry their games to Switch.

WrestleQuest releases in May 2023 for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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