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Various Types of Chatbots



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You have likely run into some bots yourself; while asking your phone to set the alarm or while journeying an internet site out of doors workplace hours. These are exceptional styles of bots. Let’s move over the maximum famous sorts to peer which one fits your enterprise version.

From the intelligence viewpoint, there are “dumb” and clever chatbots. The former rely upon rules, arising with responses primarily based totally on an inflexible script, and their clever opposite numbers can guide pretty clever conversations.

Rule-primarily based totally chatbots

AI-primarily based totally conversational bots

Conversational chatbots rely upon AI algorithms and gadget gaining knowledge to manner your inputs and make their replies greater non-public, applicable on your context. With rule-primarily based totally bots, you need to choose solutions yourself or rely upon their excellent bet on the key phrases you used on your inquiry.

Area of application

If we examine the maximum unusual place carrier regions for bots, we’ll be aware they’re useful in guide, income, and as non-public digital assistants. You can regularly see chatbots serving clients and assisting them make purchases with the retail sector.

Virtual income representatives- Customer guide and Personal assistant

As for assistants, the ones are on the whole present day answers supplied with the aid of using tech giants, e.g., Apple’s Siri. These digital assistants function voice manage and hold growing as they study greater approximately you.

Some could argue they’re rarely chatbots, however come to think about it — you engage with them via dialogs, and, frankly, their competence is the yardstick for each conversational bot out there.


Finally, you could distinguish among bots relying at the platform they live on. Some of the maximum famous locations are immediately messengers like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Kik.


Mobile apps, Messengers and Existing assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant

Some chatbots exist with the shape of standalone cellular apps. That’s regularly the case while you want them to perform a little greater than simply fetch a few information. There are manner greater chatbots for web sites and messengers — that’s wherein maximum customer support and e-trade salesbot cling around.

It’s really well worth noting that to build chatbot may also regularly exist on a majority of these systems to attain a much wider audience.

Finally, Siri, Alexa, and different supercharged bots take the shape of voice systems that permeate whole ecosystems. Here’s the today’s neural conversational version from Google – Meena with the intention to quickly migrate to all viable gadgets and systems.

Chatbot Features

What do your clients count on from a chatbot? Find them a healthcare issuer for a consultation? Rule out an initial diagnosis? Or recommendation on getting their price range in order? Siri, Alexa, and the likes set the excessive bar for consumer engagement, however let’s see what a current chatbot can provide users.

Cross-Channel Seamless Communication

Customers count on to have the equal seamless revel in together along with your bot no matter wherein interplay occurs: in a browser, cellular app, messenger, or maybe internal Google Assistant.

Rich Messaging

Being capable of respond with photos and hyperlinks makes your bot greater utilitarian. This function is specifically in call for with retail chatbots to assist clients discover products.

Integrations With External Systems

If your conversational agent is included with the relaxation of your infrastructure, if you build chatbots it may prevent hours of labor on thoughts-numbing guide sports like CRM updates, 


The excellent factor approximately chatbots is to present them orders, like sending an e mail or locating that antique message with the monitoring number.

Human Handoff

Let’s admit that there are nevertheless instances while a bot may be helpless. Such eventualities must encompass a choice for handing off a communication to a human agent.


Just like with net and cellular app development, accessibility must be pinnacle of thoughts while growing a bot: keyboard navigation, zoom in, guide for display readers, etc.


Of course, a chatbot desires to stick to cybersecurity excellent practices, given they could now execute bills and manage PHI. So, HIPAA, PCI, and different guidelines apply.

Analytics On The Backend

And remaining however now no longer least, your bot must be piling up facts with  the history for in addition evaluation because it chatters together along with your clients and employees.

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