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Vineet Gupta, Founder of Ashoka University, explains – Impact of ChatGPT on Modern Education Practices



Vineet Gupta Founder of Ashoka University explains Impact of ChatGPT on Modern Education Practices

Vineet Gupta of Ashoka University explains the Impact of ChatGPT on Modern Education Practices.

New Delhi (India), April 1: Artificial intelligence (AI) has proven to be a remarkable innovation of the 21st century. With technology advancing rapidly in recent times, ChatGPT developed by OpenAI is one major breakthrough that has managed to garner interest from all areas. One noticeable benefit of ChatGPT is its ability to observe and interact while providing information that is nearly realistic and accurate. Vineet Gupta Ashoka University Founder, shares his insights on the up-and-coming AI technology and how it can bring change in different fields. “AI models like ChatGPT are a revolutionary piece of technology that comes with amazing, adaptable skills. It is a rapid advancement witnessed in this century and has the potential to impact various industries, including the service industry, education, hospitality, healthcare etc. But with such powerful technology, there arise concerns on what risks are associated with it and how it can impact society.”

ChatGPT has significant potential to enrich the education field in different ways. The application of effective AI will provide students with access to a plethora of knowledge and information. Along with that, it can respond to their queries and give prompt feedback to them. It can be beneficial for students with special learning challenges by enabling them to keep up with subjects they might otherwise find challenging. Also, students belonging to remote regions can have access to quality educational resources it which they may otherwise lack.

Furthermore, ChatGPT can be a useful tool for teachers to alter the teaching-learning process for the betterment of students. It can provide with necessary tools to foster effective communication and student learning via individualized suggestions and resources in line with students’ requirements and preferences. ChatGPTcan also assists them in designing lesson plans, exercises and courses that can hold the interest of students. 

Gupta points out, “ChatGPT can assist students belonging to different groups and help bridge the gap in knowledge. Serving as an effective tutor may help students who often have trouble understanding specific concepts. If used wisely, these AI language models can help teachers concentrate on mentoring students and fostering valuable educational experiences.”

Even so, ChatGPT has managed to generate some issues regarding its possible risks despite its advantages. One key problem is that students can develop overdependence for it to do their work. They can cheat and deceive their assignments or homework, which can be detrimental to their development of critical thinking and problem-solving skill set. Also, ChatGPT can reinforce biases and prejudices based on the data it has been trained on. It is a vital concern as it may lead to unfair circumstances for students belonging to disadvantaged backgrounds. There are concerns raised over the possibility that ChatGPT would replace physical interaction and human engagement, which are essential for the growth and learning experience of students.

“ChatGPT must be utilized to supplement learning, not to substitute it. The students need to develop their skillset by focusing on analytical and critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. It is also crucial that teachers be mindful of the risks and biases of AI and take steps to control them from affecting anyone.ChatGPT may be a huge help in education, but its effectiveness depends on how it is utilized,” states Vineet Gupta of Ashoka University.

There is a need to find the ideal balance to attain both academic and lifetime success. As Vineet Gupta of Ashoka University highlights, “It will be important to remember that AI can only deliver human-like content but cannot replicate the nuances of humans.”

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