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What are the characteristics of a good singer, Mr. Mehdi Manafi, one of the country’s leading musicians, explains to us



What are the characteristics of a good singer, Mr. Mehdi Manafi, one of the country's leading musicians, explains to us

It may be said that at a glance anyone can be a singer, but with a little reflection on the success of some of today’s pop singers, it can be concluded that singing, in addition to being a divine gift, requires special skills, which include  We check:

  1. Hearing and improving the listening level

 To be a good singer, we must first be a good listener.  Listening to music expertly is very complicated…. To be a good listener:

 •    A: We must analyze the separation of instruments, mixing and mastering and recording work for ourselves.

 B: Compose and structure the melody and recognize the form and format of chording (the device and the corresponding corner).

 A: To understand the song and hear the words as they are and should be sung.

 D: Let’s analyze the voice of the singer of the work for ourselves and analyze its positive and negative points for ourselves.

 So, in order to become a singer, it is necessary to have a strong ear first.

  • Understanding and realizing your true voice

 •    One of the characteristics of a vocalist (singer) is to be able to understand his voice (not to mention, in addition to the fact that we hear our voice through sound waves in the air, we receive them through the waves of the head and jaw bones, which causes  We may feel uncomfortable after recording our voice or say that this voice does not concern us).

 A good singer is someone who has sufficient knowledge of the pitch, color and tonality of his voice.

  • Tuning and staying in tune and understanding musical intervals

 In my opinion, one of the instinctive characteristics of a human being is knowing the basic note of a step (or so-called traditional music), which we call step for short.

 The most important factor that distinguishes a good singer from an ordinary singer is tuning.

 Maybe you have heard a word called “Falesh”.  In fact, from a scientific point of view, when the singer loses the pitch of his voice and cannot get the desired frequency out of his larynx, falshi happens.  Or in simpler language, when the voice pitch control is out of the singer’s hand and the singer sings a little higher or lower, they say that he sings a flash.

 In most singers, there is no general falshi, but some words may be falshi in a particular melody line.

 Practice and skill is one of the ways to deal with this big problem.  Fortunately, or better to say, unfortunately, with the improvement of the scientific level and the increasing progress of technology and the emergence of new software such as tom baran, auto tune,… improvisator gsnap… it is possible to completely tune the sound in the studio.

 Some singers are not able to perform live at all, and this is one of the other points that distinguish a good singer. Recently, auto tune is also used as hardware in concerts.

Correct implementation of rhythm and understanding of time

 •    One of the main points to think about that categorizes the singers is staying in the rhythm.

 Some singers, despite having a good voice and singing in tune, have problems in terms of timing and are so called out of beat.

 Therefore, not losing the beat is one of the points that a singer should follow.

 In my opinion, this is also a God-given and inherent factor, the easiest way to understand this issue is: in a joyous or mourning ceremony, those who clap their hands (or chests) out of sync with the rest of the people are easily recognizable.  This will get better with time and practice.

 So a professional singer will never get out of beat anywhere in the song, even when syncopated or counterbeat is performed.

 5) Steps of breathing and breathing correctly

 •    One of the secondary points that make a singer look bad is “lack of proper breathing and as a result not enough air in the lungs, which causes out of step or beats.”

 In a melody that is created, there are basically places for breathing that the singer should find over time and use breathing there. In a general view, it can be stated as follows: a singer should act properly in the air exiting the lungs.  For example, in performing words that have letters such as ((e)) and ((s)), be careful enough so that the air in his lungs does not empty all at once.

 This problem can be solved by continuous practice on different parts.

 6) Frequency range of sound

 One of the advantages of a good voice is having a wide frequency range.  Friends who are familiar with music know the definition of a dong (in terms of distance, it is equal to 2.5 frets, that is, in fact, an octave, which means a distance equal to two dongs and one fret) or, in the term that we often hear, the sound of a certain sixth  Dang means that he can easily read the distance of 15 frets or 2.5 octaves.

 In more specialized discussions, it is possible to check the number of singers’ voices and increase them with special exercises.

 Therefore, this property is also one of the positive aspects of a good singer’s voice.

 7) The breadth of the sound range (power)

 Voice power is one of the other side points of singing.  Certainly, a singer with a strong voice can pronounce the words more easily, and a weak voice affects its dynamics.

 8) Avoiding inappropriate vocal habits

 One of the factors that make a singer look bad in the eyes of the public is having bad voice habits (voice additions).  For example, a singer starts singing with a preposition that is unpleasant or too much and inappropriate breathing or the sounds of air coming out of the nose to find the pitch of his voice and…….. A good singer should have so much practice that these points  be automatically removed from his voice.

 9) Writing

 •    The main embellishments in reading Iranian music are called tahrir, which consists of extremely sharp breaking or breaking the sound with a tendency to a high note between two notes in the melody line.

  Most of the pop singers are deprived of the ability to perform tahrir, which is one of the points that shows the pop music singer to be ineffective.  To be distinguished from a singer with a voice color similar to his.

 10) Sound color

 One of the characteristics of a sound is its “color” or in the scientific term, its timbre.  This characteristic shows the type of sound wave in which the type of sound is determined.  For example, you can hear two violin instruments playing the same note and recognize the difference in tone.  The similarity of the voices of some singers is due to the approximate matching of their voice waves, so called the tone or color of their voices is almost the same.  Therefore, a singer is successful if his tone of voice is unique or rather he does not sing fake.

 11) Sound dynamics

 Strong and weak singing of different words of a song (different notes of a melody) is called dynamic, and in fact, feeling the words is one of the characteristics that only very professional singers have the skill to do.

 Knowing the inflection (spelling) of words as well as the stress (sound pressure) on the letters in the words makes a word sound better in terms of meaning and composition. In fact, a professional reader can better understand the way words are performed, and as a result, the effect  The feeling of his voice is much more than that of someone who sings the words soullessly. In an easier way, we can say: the dynamic feeling in the voice of a professional singer will be the most effective factor of his success.

 12) understanding a work (song)

 •    This issue of who starts to be creative first to create a work of art is one of the topics that has been occupying my mind for years. In most cases, the poet or the songwriter is the driving force of the work, and the composer by setting the tone to the words and  Creating a melody gives them soul, and finally, an arrangement completes the work by choosing a style and arrangement.

 Therefore, knowing the song is the same as knowing the general meaning.  The type of song and understanding the main core of the song, not its outer shell.  It is very effective in the way it is performed, which is observed by the famous singers in the world.  In cases where the poet says on the melody of the song, the feeling of being artificial is often observed in the work.

Comprehension of a work (transfer of feeling)

 •    The last and highest level of a good voice is the transfer of work from the larynx of the singer to the brain of the audience.  From this point of view, the singer and more correctly, the musician, according to his thought and type of view, includes the creation of harmony space and the combination of sounds and the choice of a work for his audience, so that the audience places himself in the created space and engages his mind.  slow down.

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