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What Rovi Orion thinks about Motivation vs Discipline



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“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments”
Motivation can be found anywhere and everywhere but what really gets you realise your dreams,is Discipline. Successful Digital Marketer,Rovi Orion has an interesting and assuring take on what separates Discipline from Motivation. Having devoted 13 years in active military service,Rovi Orion knows the value of self discipline.He emphasizes how discipline helps an individual work on his mental toughness and channels your efforts in achieving the goals. Rovi Orion extracts this knowledge from one of his mentors who used to talk about a person’s Default Setting.This is the state of a human being where things seem effortless and being in this state becomes conventional. Rovi Orion stresses on involving In self challenging and hustling activities that elevate your state of being.

He is actively involved in rigourous training and physical exercises such as cross training, weight lifting etc.He puts his heart ,soul and body into these sessions and channels all this energy in his business development. His secret to crack success is having laser sharp focus on your goal, keeping your self motivated and most importantly nurturing your self discipline.
There is another powerful message that Rovi Orion brings into limelight is being honest to your ethics and steer clear from pretence.

He shares about his experience that when he is at the gym working out,he comes across A lot of people who pretend to be working out. They either get distracted by people and seek validation or by their cell phones. This only shows the lack of interest and discipline. Thus,he urges everyone to find their true calling and being honest to that. Individuality takes you a long way and has a very special place in the entrepreneurial world. Thus,his message in nutshell is that one need the right balance of motivation and discipline. One can find a source of inspiration but without discipline it becomes hard to chase your dream.

Afterall,”Motivation gets you going but discipline keeps you growing” and Rovi Orion’s success as an entrepreneur is a true testament to this life altering phrase


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