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What To Consider When Buying A Research Freezer



research freezer

Medical researchers require an effective means of storing the samples and specimen that they are working on. This can be achieved with the help of a specialized kind of freezer among other equipment.

It is different from the regular type of freezers in terms of functionality and performance. The advanced features that it contains such as smart temperature displays and alarm systems make it suitable for the job.

They come in a variety of types so as to cater to different needs. Therefore, it is important that you consider the relevant aspects when purchasing a research freezer to be able to choose the best one for your needs. Here are some of the factors.

  • Size

This is one of the most important aspects that you should consider. Its size should be able to properly accommodate all the items to be stored. It should also be able to fit well in the room and still leave space for moving around.

There are various types that you can choose from based on the size. These include upright, under-counter, and chest freezer. The first two are vertically-aligned hence are good options if you intend to save on floor space.

They also have shelves that come in handy when organizing the items. These can be re-arranged or removed to create more space. These two are appropriate for the storage of small-sized packages such as blood bags.

The chest freezer is more horizontal than vertical. As such it consumes more space on the floor than the vertical ones. Although it lacks shelves, it can accommodate structures such as baskets for the storage of small items. However, it is mainly adapted for the storage of big items.

  • Energy consumption

Considering the high performance associated with a research freezer, it is bound to consume more energy than the regular ones. For instance, the ability of an ultra-freezer to reach very low temperatures like -86 degrees requires a lot of energy.

However, they are designed using technologies that facilitate efficient energy utilization to minimize consumption. This in turn reduces the cost of operations. Therefore, when shopping one should consider the efficiency rate of the system.

Go for those that are Energy Star approved. It is also important to note that larger ones consume less energy than smaller ones, contrary to popular belief. Thus you should opt for the large ones whenever possible.

These can also be shared across the relevant departments hence making them cost-effective. See this link to find out some questions you should ask when shopping for a research freezer

  • Features

Depending on your specific needs you should go for the one that has the appropriate features that will be of use to you. As mentioned earlier, they come with advanced features such as temperature display and alarm systems.

The former helps you monitor the temperature which is of great essence, especially, when dealing with sensitive samples that require consistent temperature. The alarm system notifies you when the temperature changes unexpectedly hence allow you to take the appropriate action before damage is done.

Some also come with smart locks that regulate access thereby protecting the contents from being tampered with by intruders. Such monitoring systems grants you much needed control when doing research.

With the technological advancements in the Internet of Things (IoT), more smart features are being integrated into such equipment to make them even better. Tasks such as recording the temperature which was initially being done manually are now an automated process.

  • Growth

While considering how suitable it is for your current needs it is important to take into account your future needs too. With time your needs are bound to grow. For instance, the number of items to be stored will increase consequently requiring more space. Buying a large freezer will save you from having to buy another one when such growth occurs.

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  • Price

The price varies depending on the type of freezer that you purchase. The more sophisticated it is in terms of functionality and capabilities, the more it will cost.

It is good to have a well formulated budget that takes into consideration all your research needs. This will ensure that you don’t waste money in pursuit of features that are not important in your line of work.

Also, consider the cost-effectiveness of whichever you decide to buy. Click here to see a few more tips.


Research freezers play an important role in medical research. They can be used to store various chemicals, vaccines, samples, and tissues among other things. They are high-performance and have more functionalities than the typical ones used in homes and vending outlets. When purchasing, it is important to pay attention to details such as energy consumption, storage space, cost-effectiveness, and its ability to adapt to your future needs. Based on these, it is recommended that you go for a large one since it consumes less energy, has a lot of space and is cost-effective in the long-run. It can also be shared by various departments within the organization.

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