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Where is PlayStation Stars available? Sony launches the PlayStation Stars loyalty program for Europe, Australia, and New Zealand



Where is PlayStation Stars available Sony launches the PlayStation Stars loyalty program for Europe Australia and New Zealand

The PlayStation Stars loyalty program was made by Sony to reward gamers for their help with Sony products. The customer rewards initiative was launched by Sony first in Asia two weeks ago and afterward in the US the week before.

Today, gamers from Europe, Australia, and New Zealand will actually want to partake in the loyalty program too. The program permits players to finish challenges that Sony calls campaigns to earn points. Campaigns might expect clients to earn specific trophies or be among the first players to get a platinum trophy for an AAA title in a particular region.

PlayStation Stars is the latest loyalty program from Sony. Gamers who join can use their abilities to gather unique digital collectibles and earn rewards by finishing campaigns. You can level up, earn points, and show off your collectibles in a digital display case on PlayStation App so that all could see your achievements.

With PlayStation Stars, you earn rewards by finishing different campaigns and activities. A few campaigns are genuinely simple to finish, like Sony’s “Monthly Check-In” campaigns which just expect you to play any game to get the reward. Different campaigns will challenge you to earn specific trophies, for example, being among one of the first players to platinum an AAA title in your region.

Campaigns are updated regularly, and gamers can really look at the PlayStation App to see when new ones launch. The more campaigns you complete, the faster you will level up. Stepping up gets you more rewards and digital collectibles. Favoring those later.

The PlayStation Stars program is now exclusive to the PlayStation app. In any case, Sony says they are working on extending the service to consoles in the future, significance there will probably be a dedicated app on your PS5 or PS4.

The first campaign is called “Hit Play/1994” where players need to launch the right game that matches the song-based clues to earn collectibles. The campaigns will run for a specific period before being updated.

One more method for earning points is by buying games through the PlayStation store. PlayStation Plus members will earn extra points while buying games and add-ons.

These points can be exchanged for PSN wallet funds, digital collectibles, and selected PS store products. Digital collectibles are 3D models of items that incorporate figurines of game characters and Sony gadgets. These digital collectibles can be seen in a display case in the PlayStation App.

Players can likewise level up Star ranks by buying games and unlocking trophies. New collectibles can be unlocked when gamers reach a specific rank.

As per Sony, Star ranks are not permanent and players need to finish campaigns and activities to keep up with their level. “Once you attain a status level, your status level is valid for the remainder of the calendar year plus 13 months. For example, if a member earned status Level 2 in October 2022, their Level 2 status would remain valid through that current calendar year and continue for the next 13 months until 31st January 2024,” Sony explains.

Sony’s new PlayStation Stars loyalty program launches in the US on October 5th

Players will begin at Level 1 when they sign up for the PlayStation Stars loyalty program. Buying a full game and achieving an uncommon trophy will unlock Level 2. Gamers can reach Level 3 by buying three games and acquiring 32 uncommon trophies.

Right now, Level 4 is the highest rank you can get. This can be achieved by buying four games and earning 128 trophies. Each level will likewise have a corresponding collectible reward.

Players can sign up for the PlayStation Stars program from the website or the app. A few players will purportedly be placed on a waiting list to manage the demand. Clients who are placed on the waiting list will be contacted by Sony once their memberships have been processed which might require as long as two months.

Where is PlayStation Stars available?

Here is a list of the regions and launch dates for PlayStation Stars availability:

  • Asia, including Japan: September 29 (local time)
  • North and South America: October 5 (local time)
  • Europe, Australia, and New Zealand: October 13 (local time)

How to join PlayStation Stars

The full PlayStation Stars experience is available through the PlayStation App on iOS and Android. Learn how to link your PlayStation console to the app here. You’ll see the PlayStation Stars icon on your profile page. You’ll see your current level status if you’ve already signed up. Tap that sign-up and afterward see your improvement on current campaigns.

You don’t have anything to lose by signing up for the PlayStation Stars loyalty program, considering that it’s free. If you regularly buy digital games from the PS Store, it’s most certainly worth getting some cash back.

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