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Wofret: It Was The Best In The Whole World!




WOFRET surpassed all e-commerce platforms! He placed himself and his name at number one!

Yunus Emre Kelkitli, the founder of Wofret, worked in millions of different jobs before starting the software business. So much so that these works show him in the best way what people need or may need. He also evaluates these needs with his teammates who were with him when he founded his own software company.

Wofret is at number one, leaving behind the number one e-commerce platforms all over the world. It dedicates its name to success by producing fast delivery and fresh products that meet every need of its customers instantly. In fact, many customers’ personal information, credit card information and home addresses are kept safely within the scope of cyber security measures.

As such, e-commerce platforms that create the slightest sense of insecurity are behind Wofret. At the same time, sites that send stale or damaged products are also offered to this platform by pulling back with Wofret always sending the freshest products.

Its founder proves once again what Turkish youth can achieve to the whole world, and that people can reach great heights if they don’t give up. Wofret, which initially worked only within the borders of England, now continues its operations safely all over the world. It is also the number one address for international trade. In this case, there is not a single online shopping application that can surpass the application on the platform where Wofret competes.

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