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Zinobia Mistry on the challenges faced by digital creators



Zinobia Mistry on the challenges faced by digital creators

While digital creation is emerging as a viable career option, a lot of people are testing their skills here! Almost everyone wants to be a content creator but it’s easier said than done! Do you think it’s merciful to establish your name in the digital space? Wait until you hear the backstory from Zinobia Mistry. The digital creator, who is admired for her impeccable fashion sense and beauty videos, shares the real challenges of the online space.

She says, “While people know what niche they wish to create content in, they still face difficulties in finding the right audience. It takes years for a digital creator to gain followers organically, and many rising creators give up in the process.”

The followers of a content creator are among the first things that we see as soon as we or any brand visit their page. Besides this, Zinobia Mistry says that many times a content creator either doesn’t get enough time or encounters creative blocks. “You can’t be creative all the time! This problem gets intense when you need to follow the schedule and post the content. It’s a big struggle. However, don’t force yourself; rather, take a break and come back with something even better,” Zinobia added.

There are two types of audiences: one who enjoys and appreciates your content, and the other who spreads hatred. The influencer advises, “Don’t be discouraged by this and focus on the brighter side.”

Zinobia Mistry further says, “Understand that there are certain things we can’t do anything about. You can’t force people to like your content or follow you. You need to find the people who deserve a good dose of content and then try to connect with them as much as possible.”

These are just a few; there are many more challenges faced by creators. Zinobia Mistry took ten years to overcome these barriers and is still fighting many of them. Yet she has successfully carved a place for herself. Not only that, but she has also gotten a chance to work with brands from different niches like NARS, Laura Mercier, MAC Cosmetics, Nykaa Beauty, Sunday Riley, Loewe Perfumes, Marc Jacobs Beauty, PIXI Beauty, Tanishq, Aldo, etc.

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