3 Ways to Cut Airfare Costs Without Getting Miserable


There’s a good reason why so many individuals use their air miles or credit card points to upgrade to business class on trips. The experience of flying in economy has been increasingly unpleasant due to airlines removing amenities. Combined with the fact that the seats appear to be growing smaller somehow, it’s no wonder that traveling in economy is generally a bad experience.

There is no denying the financial benefits of flying economy. For a long weekend in August, a round-trip basic economy ticket on United from Newark Airport to LAX starts at just $325. The business class fare on that same flight is $1,528—a significant difference.

The good news is that just because you’re choosing to remain with economy and save money doesn’t mean that your flight will be an unpleasant experience. Here are some tips for enhancing your experience without going over budget.

Opt For Off-peak Flights

Having no one occupy the seat next to you makes flying economy much more enjoyable. If you travel during off-peak hours, the plane may be less packed and offer you more space to unwind and stretch out.

Steer clear of the skies during peak travel periods, such as the long weekend and winter vacations. Additionally, unless you are a parent and can only travel during that period, avoid going during school breaks.

Additionally, if your schedule is flexible—perhaps you work for yourself—consider booking a Wednesday afternoon flight rather than one on a Thursday or Friday for your next weekend getaway. Then go on a Tuesday morning or Monday night flight home. There’s a good chance that your flight will be smaller.

Pack Items To Add Comfort To Your Journey

You can be confined to a narrow economy seat. However, that does not have to make you uncomfortable.

To easily fall asleep, get a decent neck pillow and some noise-canceling headphones. If you want to try to get some sleep, you might also want to pack an eye mask to block out light.

Additionally, keep in mind that airplanes can be dry places. Bring chapstick for dry lips and a tiny tube of hand lotion for dry skin.

If the travel is lengthy, treat yourself to more legroom

Slumbering in a cramped seat on a 2.5-hour journey from New York to Florida is one thing. Doing the same on a plane trip from New York to Seattle is a different matter entirely.

If you can’t afford to upgrade to business class but you’re having a longer flight, think about purchasing additional legroom. Alternatively, avoid using basic economy as it typically does not let you to select your own seat. When you book normal economy, you usually have a choice of seats at least. If you anticipate needing to stretch out from there, you can choose a seat along the aisle.

On your next flight, sticking with economy could save you a lot of money. It’s also possible to lessen the unpleasantness of the encounter. However, if you frequently travel, you might want to look about for a new travel rewards credit card. You want to find one that makes it simple to accrue points so you can upgrade to business class more frequently.

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