4 Low-cost Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses


When questioned about marketing, the majority of small- and medium-sized business (SMEs) owners usually reply in this manner. The term “marketing” conjures images of lavish media spending, celebrity endorsements, extravagant events, T-shirt printing, and fleets of branded vehicles. Naturally, your marketing options increase with your income, but anyone may make use of the money they have on hand.

If you own a business, you have used marketing strategies either intentionally or inadvertently. In a 2022 report, Kenyan academics Shadrack Githinji and Gilbert Nyaga attested to the fact that many SMEs participate in marketing without first developing a strategy plan.

All the things that are done to promote a firm and draw in clients are collectively referred to as marketing. Giving presents to clients, networking, advertising, interacting with local media, and showcasing a company on social media and other digital platforms are a few examples of marketing.

Listening to clients to understand their requirements, both present and future, is another aspect of marketing (feedback). While large organizations use research agencies to gather client feedback, small business owners should aim for in-person interactions.

How can a person effectively market on a very small budget?

Adopt a positive and realistic mindset:

It’s preferable to concentrate on your abilities and what you can accomplish in your current situation rather than obsessing over your lack of money. For instance, the structure where your company is housed is an excellent location for banners or signs. Being a member of the community, your staff members may be able to tell their friends, family, and neighbors about your company.

Create a marketing strategy:

Determine the best and most economical means of connecting with prospective clients. Using social media to connect with your target market would be a terrific idea if they own smartphones. If not, think considering using conventional (analog) methods to advertise your company. In Kenya, there are still lots of people who are not yet on the internet. A customer-driven marketing plan will help you focus your time and money on marketing efforts that will give the best returns.

Involvement in the community:

What concerns your neighbourhood? Participating in local community events might be an inexpensive or free approach to get more exposure. Sponsor a neighborhood sports team or community organization that shares your values if you have the means to do so.

Retain customers:

Handling repeat business is far easier than converting a stranger into a customer. Your most precious assets are the people who already know and trust you with their business. Think about rewarding them once in a while. Get their opinion on what you could improve upon. Your devoted clients should be the first to learn about any new products you provide.

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