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A Spiritual Journey: Finding a Safe Place to Turn to With Marie-Anne Bisson and The Doorway



2. Marie Anne Bisson

Marie-Anne Bisson, is an author, bilingual Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist, specializing in Past Life Regressions (Reincarnations) and offers support for Experiencers, once known as abductees. In addition, she is a Reiki Master, Psychic Medium, and Spiritual Health Coach. 

Marie-Anne’s life began just like anybody else’s despite having paranormal experiences in the haunted house she grew up in. Her abilities evolved in the form of premonitions in dreams, mediumship, and clairvoyance. Trusting in her intuition probably saved her life. Now in her mid-50’s, her spiritual journey continues on as she strives to help others accept their gifts and bring a sense of normality back into their lives. Her clients regularly begin their sentences with, “I know this sounds crazy….” They’ve been ridiculed for their beliefs and come from every walk of life.

Sharing our experiences and beliefs about the paranormal can also take a toll on personal relationships, whether with friends, family, or partners. It isn’t necessary to have a partner who believes in everything we do, although it can make life a little easier. They may also help to keep us grounded.

Marie-Anne offers her clients at her business, The Doorway, a safe and confidential place to turn to and is quick to reassure them and to put them at ease. No one should ever feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. She considers herself fortunate to have grown up in a family who discussed spirits, but she’s also aware that a lot of people have no one to talk to and so she makes time to answer questions and help others, whether it’s about the paranormal, psychic abilities or aliens and UFOs.

As Marie-Anne reflects on 2020 and the release of the book FEAR, from The Girl Behind the Fence Series in which she was a contributing author and of her memoir, In Tune With Life, Love and the Divine Matrix. She realizes that self-care was a necessary part of having the ability to thrive through the ebb and flow that we all experienced. Although her office was closed to the public for several months, she continued to offer distant Reiki treatments for people or their pets, hypnotherapy sessions including Past Life Regressions, Spiritual Health Coaching, and Angel Card Readings.

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