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Amari Fields Is A Young #1 Best Selling Author



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Amari Fields is best known as a YouTube personality. After having great success on YouTube, Amari Fields decided to help others create a career on YouTube. Last year within March of 2020, he released his first ever book to help inspire and guide creators to become successful. This book has been seen in stores such as Barnes & Nobles and Amazon Shopping.

Within this book, the young social media star guides you on everything you need to do to be successful on YouTube. From setting up his account, to recording videos, and so much more. What is clear throughout this book is that YouTube is not an easy job, and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. The greatest thing about this book is that he explains his journey and showcases that this process was not easy.

After releasing his first ever book, Amari Fields was marked a #1 best-selling author for his newly released book. Both Barnes & Nobles and Amazon Shopping have stated that this young author sold over 6,000 copies of his book. This was split evenly between the e-book and actual physical copy. These numbers were outstanding to say he had no outside promotion except for within his platform that he created.

It is now 2021 and Amari Fields has hinted at another book dropping soon. It is not clear as to what this book is about, but his fan base is excited to see what happens in the future. Through this book, Amari Fields has inspired many kids around the world to chase their dreams and believe in themselves. Out of all his accomplishments, this is one of the best things a successful creator like himself could do.

This social media star continues to inspire young kids around the world with his book. To know more about Amari Fields do not forget to follow his Instagram @amarifields_

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