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Best Free Live TV Apps to Download for Android



The Best Live TV Apps For Smartphones

You love watching TV Shows, Movies, Series, and different Sports Events. Then don’t worry because here we are back with this great opportunity. Here we write this detailed article on the best collection of Live TV Apps.

Out there plenty of other entertainment platforms is reachable to access. But most of those online reachable websites including platforms are premium. This means the android users may force to purchase a premium subscription.

Though multiple different pro plans are reachable to choose from online. But when it comes to affordability, then those reachable platforms are unaffordable. Hence considering the easy accessibility, here we brought this detailed review on entertainment apps.

What are Live TV Apps

Live TV Apps are the ones that are mostly searched by android users online. Though out there plenty of different popular platforms is reachable to access. But accessing the IPTV’s requires a premium subscription with a pro license.

Without holding a license it is impossible to access and stream content. There are plenty of other online free platforms that are reachable to access. Those claim to offer direct free access to endless IPTV Channels for free without any subscription.

In reality, accessing such third-party-supported platforms is risky. Even in major cases, such illegal online websites may support 18+ ads. Which may be uncomfortable for different fans. Moreover, the users may experience this lag or buffering issue while watching content.

The lag and buffering problems may occur due to heavy and lazy servers. If the servers are burdened directing huge traffic. The user experience may also deteriorate directly. Due to lazy and lag streaming, the majority of users avoid installing such apps.

In major cases, the premium subscribed apps including platforms never offer such an experience. But when it comes to subscription affordability. Then a majority of android users cannot afford to purchase a pro license spending hundreds of dollars.

Remember installing such free illegal third-party applications may contain malware. Those may directly damage the user data plus device. Hence here we brought a great collection for android users which are secure and easy to use.

The process of installing and using such apps is simple. Yet you are searching for the best collection of Live TV Apps for smartphones. Then we recommend those to read and explore the mentioned android applications and enjoy premium IPTV’s for free.

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Android Free Live TV Apps For Mobile


This android application is considered to be the oldest and top trending Live TV entertainment application. Now integrating the application will not only offer IPTV’s but also offer plenty of Movies and Series videos for free.

According to Google Play Store, the application is free to download and access online. This means the platform never asks for a subscription or registration while downloading. Though we are not sure about the third-party ads integration.

The app file is rich in tons of features. These include Direct Channel Switching, Electronic Program Guide, Channel Reordering and Deletion, Responsive Control on Screen, Default Volume Controller, Advanced Search Filter, and more.


Though we are not sure about the good rating because the average score is 3.7. Which is considered not good or not bad. But according to officials, the application fully supports more than 100 plus different premium IPTV Channels.

Those are free to access and require no subscription. Apart from IPTV, the app also support 1000 plus videos inside the application. Those are directly accessible to stream and require no subscription. Content is distributed into different categories.

IPTV’s are streamable in 1080 HD quality over slow connectivity. Custom Search Filter for locating files easily. Responsive Channel Switching option with onboard control panel. Channels can be saved to watch in free time.

Live NetTV

The next application we are presenting here is explicit and requires no subscription. Yeah, we are talking about none the other Live NetTV App. Basically, the application is considered in the general category and offers endless entertainment.

Those include IPTVs plus Videos for free without any subscription. As per officials, the app file is purely supported and operational in 8 different countries. Those include Asian countries such as Pakistan, India, Iran, etc.

The application is also available to watch in America, the United Kingdom, Turkey, etc. Till now 700 plus different IPTV Channels are added inside the main dashboard. And the gamers are planning to add more in the coming days.


Have ever wondered to watch UK-based IPTV Channels for free. If not and yet you are searching for a secure online platform for that. Then we recommend those android users download and install the latest version of the TVCatchup App.

Actually, the app offers ITV, BBC, Channel 5, and Channel, etc. Remember all these IPTV’s are hosted over speedy servers. This means if you are experiencing this slow internet connectivity problem. Then don’t worry because the responsive servers will offer smooth streaming.

As we speak earlier that no subscription or registration is required for streaming Channels. However, the platform supports third-party ads. This means it will appear over the screen while watching content. Remember to avoid these ads please purchase a premium subscription.


Hence your love watching entertainment content and searching for online free sources. Then we recommend those android users download and install mentioned Android Live TV Apps in the extension format to visit and access them for free. 


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