Browns apparently intend to push ahead with Baker Mayfield as their quarterback

Browns apparently intend to push ahead with Baker Mayfield as their quarterback

The Browns will head into the offseason with plans to hold Baker Mayfield as their quarterback for 2022, sources say. As the offseason shows up for the 18 non-playoff teams, the opportunity has arrived at gadget, and to leak plans. Plans to do this. Plans to not. Speculative positions went after essential reasons and at all times likely to change.

That is what is truly significant to remember while processing the ongoing flurry of reports in regards to plans and aims. The smart teams create and reveal plans intentionally, not erratically. They have a particular objective as a top priority, and it tends to be pretty much as basic as (on account of an underachieving quarterback entering the option year of his newbie deal) attempting to make a trade market.

Coming off a playoff run last season, Cleveland has staggered to 7-9 this season as Mayfield attempted to fight through a variety of significant injuries, throwing seven interceptions in his last three games. He’ll miss Sunday’s finale against the Bengals and go through surgery next week to repair his left (non-throwing) shoulder.

A lot of situations have been reputed, including Mayfield wanting to continue and the Browns wanting to continue. Notwithstanding a dramatic shift, it doesn’t show up either improvement is not too far off.

Mayfield and Browns coach Kevin Stefanski spoke Friday as part of normal exit meetings, and sources say the two are on the same page. The No. 1 overall pick in 2018, Mayfield is entering the final year of his rookie contract – – a completely ensured $18.858 million fifth-year option – – and the expectation at this point is he’ll play it out in Cleveland.

In December, Mayfield reflected in an NFL Network interview on the challenges of the season, saying: “The tricky part about this year, has been a lot of internal things. It hasn’t just been the outside noise.”

As per NFL Media, the Browns intend to save Baker Mayfield for 2022, the final season of his newbie deal. At $18.8 million, it’s a reasonable salary for a fifth year, allowing the Browns an opportunity to perceive how he plays before settling on any firm and final decisions.

Certainly, it was flawed. Mayfield tore his labrum in his left shoulder early in the season and was selected to continue to play. He additionally suffered a shoulder fracture alongside different wounds, missing three games.

Measurably, it was a step back from an amazing 2020 that saw him lead Cleveland to the playoffs. Mayfield is on injured reserve and Case Keenum will begin Sunday against the Bengals. (Practice squad players and those on IR have their meetings with Stefanski and general manager Andrew Berry before the finish of the season.)

While some communication issues waited this season, and there was dissatisfaction with the on-field product, there is a lot of faults to go around. From game-plan issues to execution, it was generally rough. That is the thing that usually happens when a team misses the playoffs.

The conviction is the issues aren’t too extraordinary to overcome, and recent discussions have supported that. Sources say all sides will keep on working on the relationships pushing ahead.

Logistically, a trade doesn’t check out. How should the Browns realize they would redesign at QB, while at the same time attempting to deal with a QB in the final year of his agreement who is likewise going through shoulder surgery that requires a four-month recuperation? Also, how should Mayfield request a trade and observe a team better prepared to win (Cleveland just made the playoffs last year and returns its core for 2022 with a defense that met up down the stretch), while going through broad recovery for his shoulder?

With the Browns and Mayfield pushing ahead for 2022, it sets up the likely (and genuinely uncommon) situation of Mayfield playing out his newbie contract, sources say. Assuming he plays well, Mayfield could follow the way of Kirk Cousins, playing on franchise tag to franchise tag except if the sides can agree to an extension.

There’s a chance they’ve as of now seen enough, notwithstanding, and that they plan to investigate all options without telling the world that they expect to investigate all options. Assuming they’ve decided to continue from Mayfield, they would have no reason to uncover that plan. First, they would hurt their influence in any trade talks if different teams realize they’re finished with the first overall pick in the 2018 draft. Second, they will be unable to trade him at all. Third, they might not be able to get a substitution based on conditions they view as great.

That is the game with regards to the art/science of negotiating with other NFL teams. The Browns would rather not begin making calls to track down somebody to take Mayfield. They need one more team to become interested in Mayfield, and to call the Browns first.

Similarly, the Browns would rather not appear to be frantic to make a trade or to sign a veteran. There’s a nuance. A coyness. A separation that is expected to finish things the correct way.

For the Browns, that beginning with spreading the news, through the news source they to some extent own, that they “plan” to keep Mayfield. Then, at that point, if they ultimately can’t devise and carry out a superior methodology, they can guarantee that they planned from the start to keep him.

Presumably, this will be a large topic of conversation next season. However, presently, all signs highlight Mayfield and the Browns proceeding to push ahead in a similar direction.

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