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Car Owners of Dimapur can Now Avail the Services of DSW, the Doorstep Service Provider, Shadmaan Imam



Car Owners of Dimapur can Now Avail the Services of DSW, the Doorstep Service Provider, Shadmaan Imam

New Delhi (India), April 27: Own any four-wheelers yourself? A car? Do you bring your car to the shops for repairs? If so, you must be wasting a lot of time at these centers and stuck in traffics while traveling there. Doorstep Wash is available to reduce the amount of wasted time. Perhaps the name of our service gave it away to you, but allow me to introduce you to our business. 

The biggest chain for automobile doorstep cleaning is Doorstep Wash. While more than 30 setups are still awaiting an official launch, DSW presently has more than 100 franchise setups in various locations around Asia and India. The business has a sizable consumer base not just in India but also in Turkey and Nepal, and it plans to spread that base to other Asian countries. DSW has started its franchise setup in Dimapur as the business works to expand its network and offer services to other regions of India. DSW and Mr. Prem Chander, who share ownership of this franchise, jointly announced the setup’s official inauguration on April 9. 

The company’s distinctive selling proposition is its doorstep cleaning and detailing services. Although the idea of car cleaning and washing at the doorstep can seem like a mountainous task, Doorstep Wash has made it a reality. Many people have benefited from this service in terms of time savings and a reduction in unproductive hours. As a result of the opening of our franchise in Dimapur, locals can now utilize our services and grow to be devoted clients. 

Zixdo and are the foundational company of our chain business. The professionals from these businesses have worked extremely hard to build this chain and guarantee its flawless operation as a brand. The technicians are yet another crucial component of our business; they are in charge of ensuring our services at the ground level. Our high-end portable machines, which easily do the task at your doorstep, are another crucial component of our business.

The business has introduced a portal of its own via which the services can be reserved in order to make them easier for everyone to use. For many people, Doorstep Wash is a household name that is renowned for not only offering top-notch services but also for preserving the cleanliness of the neighbourhood and making sure the environment is not harmed in any way.

The business is currently asking individuals to join as franchise partners and establish joint franchises in various locations throughout Asia and India. During setup, DSW will offer the initial assistance.

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