Digital marketing expert Paul James educates people on SEO through his YouTube channel

As digital marketing has exploded over the years, the approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has grown and adapted to business and audience needs. For SEO to work, it’s all about harnessing quality and quantity. That is what gets results. With the highly competitive nature of the digital marketplace, SEO is the first step to getting your foot in the door. Digital marketing expert Paul James has built a successful YouTube channel educating people on the facts and methods of SEO. 

Paul is a digital marketing expert, YouTuber, and best-selling author known for his vast expertise in digital marketing, software, website development, and SEO. A technology guru through and through Paul uniquely understands that there are no “get rich quick” schemes when it comes to digital marketing. “SEO and digital marketing take a tremendous amount of skill,” states Paul. “Tips and tricks are one thing, but there are tried and true methods to SEO, and I built my channel with the idea that this wealth of knowledge should be shared with everyone.”

N​ot only does Paul talk about SEO, but he shares tips on everything from lead generation to passive income to stocks. Currently, he has 205,000 subscribers, an audience he built organically by frequently posting quality content. “At first I didn’t take the channel very seriously. I just used it as a place to talk about trends I was noticing in the digital world,” explains Paul. “That all changed in eight months when my channel hit 100,000 subscribers.” 

A​n entrepreneur at heart, Paul has scaled multiple software companies and sky-rocketed his own revenue to seven figures. Still, his passion for teaching others inspired him to build his channel into a serious business. Paul understands the ins and outs of technology, making him an excellent mentor and teacher, helping others increase their leads, visibility, and overall business performance. With the wealth of information on the web, people must know where it’s coming from, and Paul’s experience in technology separates him from the crowd.

Paul keeps his focus on tech. “Not only has my YouTube Channel seen huge growth this year, but I also launched my best software service,” says Paul. DialHawk is a call-tracking software for small business owners and marketing agencies. A project he’s dreamed of for almost ten years. “It’s all been exciting, but I could have never done it without my YouTube channel,” says Paul. Paul knows how much power lies in the community. He continues to grow and cultivate that via expert content on social media. 

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