DJ Agnivesh, a Young Firebrand and Multi-Genre Music Producer Making His Mark in the South Indian Music Scene


DJ Agnivesh, an Indian music producer with years of experience in the domain, makes the crowd go crazy with his selection of good music creations. His magical music has dazzled millions of people and renowned celebrities. DJ Agnivesh, through his sharp musical skills, has carved a niche in music production and the music industry. Known for his style of mixing music from two different genres by adding what he calls third-world sounds that are unique and stimulating, setting the dance floors on fire., he makes the crowd fall in love with his Music. Loaded with a mission to entertain people, DJ Agnivesh continuously works hard to create trendy music and videos that create a sensation among the young masses.

Talking about his journey, work experience, and success, DJ Agnivesh says, “I am glad that my music has been well received by the audience and this helps me to produce more quality music. I feel delighted when people recognize me by my work rather than my name. With this full passion and enthusiasm, I would love to present myself globally and become one of the top-rated producers.” A few of the songs he has released have motivated the youth to do something extraordinary and get out of their comfort zone to reach new heights of success in their respective domains.

DJ Agnivesh has won hearts with a growing discography, where each song exudes his brilliance in music. DJ Agnivesh also tells the audience that “DJs not only do remixes but also create original music, Music is a never-ending platform to evolve”. DJ Agnivesh wants to educate the audience about multiple EDM genres and help the upcoming talents. Check out his songs on Spotify & follow him on Instagram @djagnivesh.

Derek Robins

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