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Dr. Simon Ourian Offers “Jawsome”: Non-Surgical Jawline Contouring



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Jawline contouring is a procedure that enhances your jawline and chin to give your face a more chiseled and defined appearance. It gives a symmetrical, more balanced look to your face and can be used to minimize jowls or other loose skin around your face and make you look dramatically younger.

Dr. Simon Ourian uses a non-surgical procedure for jawline contouring at his Epione Beverly Hills clinic. His techniques involve the use of long-lasting dermal filler injections to contour the jaw and chin areas without using surgery, which means a faster recovery time. He has called his revolutionary procedure “Jawsome.”

Non-Surgical Jawline Contouring by Dr. Simon Ourian

With controlled and precise injections, he improves the symmetry of your jawline for an overall visible facial harmony. Any jowls near the chin, which makes ones face look older, are tightened and results to a more youthful look. The benefit of Dr Ourian’s procedure is that the results are instantly observed without the lengthy recovery associated with surgical methods.

The benefits of Dr. Ourian’s jawline contouring procedure include:

• Treatment takes 20 minutes or less

• Significantly painful versus surgical alternatives

• Only requires topical anesthesia

• Produces a more chiseled jawline without surgery

If you have a receding jawline, double chin and chin wrinkles or have areas of sagging skin around your neck, you should consider this non-surgical jawline contouring procedure: it could be “jawsome” for you!

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