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Dubai International Airport Maintains its Position as the Busiest Hub in the World



Dubai International Airport Maintains its Position as the Busiest Hub in the World

According to the Airport Council International (ACI), Dubai International Airport (DXB) is the busiest airport in the world for international passenger traffic.

For the ninth year in a row, Dubai has remained the busiest city.

Due to the return of international travel following the pandemic, passenger traffic at the airport reached 66 million in 2022, doubling from the previous year.

Additionally, DXB increased its 2023 passenger forecast to 78 million.

“DXB ranks first globally for the 9th consecutive year as the world’s busiest airport by international traffic in 2022, based on the annual report by @ACIWorld,” the Dubai Media Office wrote alongside the title on its Twitter handle.

“Top of the list of the busiest hubs,” according to Dubai International Airport

The title “comes as no surprise given Dubai International’s stellar performance throughout 2022 and the upsurge in traffic in the final quarter,” as Dubai Airports CEO Paul Griffiths stated.

According to a statement released by Griffiths, “The increase in demand for air travel was universal in 2022, but what set DXB apart was the dedication of our people and the meticulous planning and preparation by each and every service partner that makes up Dubai’s amazing airport community.”

Additionally, he explained that DXB’s preparedness enabled the airport to provide 66 million passengers in 2022 with measurable enhancements to the airport experience.

“As we celebrate this achievement, our focus remains on continuing to work on keeping DXB on top of the list of the busiest hubs but also having it acknowledged by travelers globally as delivering the best airport experience in the world,” he said.

Other airports that made it to the top 10 include Heathrow Airport in London has 58.243 million passengers, Amsterdam has 52.46 million, Paris has 51.76 million, Istanbul has 48.5 million, Frankfurt has 44.77 million, Madrid has 36.23 million, Doha has 35.7 million, Singapore has 31.9 million, and Gatwick Airport in London has 30.14 million.

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