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Felix Alfen Proves Hard-Work and Smart Thinking Are Keys To Successful Business



Felix Alfen Proves Hard Work and Smart Thinking Are Keys To Successful Business

Entrepreneur Felix Alfen always wanted to start his own business. He used to work as a consultant in 2014 but felt restricted. He wanted to start something where he can have his freedom of time and finance. To get a basic idea of what he wants to do, Felix started watching a lot of videos, webinars, and read articles based on Entrepreneurship.

That’s when it struck him that online marketing isn’t much explored in the world of business. He had an idea of what business he wants to do, but he had to figure out how to go about it. Felix and his friend were approached by an Austrian guy with a deal regarding network marketing. But Alfen wasn’t impressed with his business model and passed it on. It was a huge risk, but he wanted to do something he is sure of.

That’s when he got to know about a company called VEMMA. They are known for their amazing products of nutrition supplement and lifestyle products. As Felix Alfen is an athlete, he liked their product line and their services. That’s when he realized he wants to do marketing in this field. To understand how VEMMA works in-depth, he attended a convention organized by them one day. By attending this event, Felix Alfen learned better techniques used in online network marketing. His confidence grew and he knew he’s now ready to start something of his own.

When he did, it worked very well for him. About his first business’ success, Felix said, “The next two and a half years were a real business rollercoaster with a lot of ups but also even more downs. I always remember my saying at this time first you learn than you earn. After a lot of learning experiences and massive personal development, I was able to help over ten thousand people to start their own online business through affiliate marketing with physical products like nutrition, skincare, and body shaping products. Until the beginning of 2017 we created more than 10 million dollars in turnover for two fitness and lifestyle network marketing companies and created the first millennials making 6 or 7 figure yearly incomes manly online.”

Felix Alfen was also keenly interested in finance and investment. He knew how important financial education is. At that time, he was approached by another affiliate marketing company that was offering financial education products. But his first business was doing well, so he was hesitant about starting another. But in 2017, he trusted his gut and agreed to go with the opportunity. He launched a new company called Kuvera Global. The mother company of Kuvera Global is the publicly traded company Investview.

Today, Felin Alfen runs two successful business ventures. He understood every vein of entrepreneurship to make sure every decision/risk he took works in his favour.

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