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From Training Alone to Training Hollywood Celebs: An Interview with Hakar Mahmoud



From Training Alone to Training Hollywood Celebs An Interview with Hakar Mahmoud

Can you imagine yourself training Hollywood celebrities? It’s as if you are dreaming of your favorite star and sharing a moment at the gym. But what if that dream comes true? What if you indeed train your favorite superstar? 

Well, that’s something Hakar Mahmoud, the immensely popular Swedish fitness influencer, is experiencing right now. He not only trains Hollywood actors but also promotes films, thanks to his digital marketing skills. But what is it like training celebrities? Today, we will find out the answer. 

Welcome, Mr. Mahmoud. It’s a dream come true for us to be able to talk to you today.

Q: Mr. Mahmoud, what is your philosophy for remaining fit?

A: Two things: hard work and determination. I believe that it is your hard work that pushes you to work out. And once you start working out and meeting your fitness goals, you become more determined to stay in shape. I tell this to all my clients – you don’t need to transform your body within a week. Give it time but stay determined to play the long game. I’m confident that if you keep this philosophy in mind, you will remain in shape for a lot longer than you think.

Q: What are some of the hurdles that a trainer may face while becoming a celebrity fitness trainer?

A: First of all, reaching out to celebs is the biggest hurdle. I have experience in digital marketing. That doesn’t mean others will also have the same experience. In that case, I would suggest promoting your fitness programs and their results on social media. You can hire professional digital marketers to build your client base. Work your way around to get in touch with celebrity managers. This usually takes a lot of time, but once you start training at least a couple of celebs, you can ask them to recommend you to others.

Q: What are some of the most common exercise routines that you usually suggest to celebrity clients?

A: That depends on their fitness goals. Suppose someone wants to tone their legs. The fitness regime will be different from someone who wants to lose weight for her next movie. But usually, I concentrate on high-intensity intervals, muscle confusion, and multi-joint movements. Again, I would only suggest these after talking to my clients. Whether you are a celebrity or not, my approach towards fitness remains the same.

Q: What’s your mantra for new personal trainers wanting to make it big in the fitness industry?

A: I would say that communicating with your clients is one of the essential parts of your job. Talk to them to find out about their lifestyle, eating habits, and workout routines. This will help you come up with fitness programs tailor-made according to their schedule and fitness goals. You can’t have a one-size-fits-all fitness program for everyone. Judge every client based on their past and present fitness.

Mr. Mahmoud, thank you so much for making time and talking to us today. We’re sure that we will see more of you as you continue working out alongside Hollywood actors.

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