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Pandemic has once again reminded us that we have to live a healthy fit life to fight against the hidden virus which we will see in the coming time. Good Physique, eating the right food is now going to be part of life. But what about people who are not aware or say not used to? How will they start? Well, the answer is Gym, fitness trainers who can guide you and give you the right body to fight any kind of situation.

Najab Mohamed widely famous as Najm Retro based in Dubai hails from India, is a fitness trainer who is in the limelight for his perfect Physique, training programs and diet programs. Najm Retro is a fitness trainer who has helped many top athletes, celebrities, bodybuilders and renowned personalities.

Recently he was part of IPL’s top team and helped many big names, athletes to gain the right momentum for matches which can help them settle in the Dubai atmosphere. 

His journey was not easy as he was not that fit when he was a kid. His classmates and all used to make fun of him and to come from there and become one of the best fitness trainers in Dubai, a celebrity trainer in Dubai, and also best sports trainer in Dubai is an inspiring journey. He has worked hard to come this far in life. 

Najm Retro is very disciplined and focused, and the good thing is he guides his clients to do the same. His diet chart, exercise program are modern and suitable for most of the athletes in today’s time. 

In this Pandemic time, his importance has grown as a fitness trainer. People now recognise him as the best talent and coach who can change your life with his fitness training. He is reaching more and more people with his online coaching. Many rate Najm Retro as one of the top online fitness coaches of Dubai. 

 So if you are looking for personal fitness coach in Dubai or one of the top fitness coach in Dubai or worldwide and if you are an athlete and looking for one of top fitness coach who has athlete background in Dubai than Najab Mohamed aka Namj Retro is the one whom you can trust in this Pandemic Era.

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