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Get your name on Google and Wikipedia with Shiraj Media, a brand by Rajat Singla



Shiraj Media

Have you heard the verb “Google”? Google is not only a search engine, but it has also become a verb as we have many times that… Please google this and that. Any time, a new word is being listened, the habit is being cultivated to search it on Google. Googling has become so common that, whenever, we come to hear any unknown thing, we google it rather than ask it to anyone else. The ease of finding the ways on Google has make it easy for the children also too. You might have noticed many kids Googling new things to have knowledge about it.

Have you ever thought that your clients also use Google to search for the service you provide? You can have your name in the search panel of Google. It is not enough to have existence in the Google search panel, but it is also necessary to have presence in the first some of the search results. You might have a habit of seeing the results only 10 or 15 of the search results on Google, so have the public too. Public will notice only some of the search results, which are shown to them firstly. You need to have your name, your business name, the website’s name, or the service you are providing in first some of the Google results.

You can get this service on a very well-known website named, The website is famous for providing various kinds of digital services. One of them is Google knowledge Panel Service. You can get this service on a very reasonable price on, as this website values your money. is the website, where you can buy all the digital services under the brand name of Shiraj Media. The brand name Shiraj Media is trust-worthy, as it is having a certificate of incorporation in England, Wales. It has two headquarters; one of them is in UK, while the second is stated in Patiala, Punjab.

Shiraj media not only provides Google search panel service, but also provides many other services. There is a list of the services provided by Shiraj Media. One more important service provided by the website is, celebrity management. The craze of the celebrity management is very increasing these days. As it becomes stressful for the celebrities like models, actors, actresses, singers, or dancers, to manage their clients. To manage their different meetings and the arrival programmes in different cities, they hire a manger. also provides this service to the celebrities. It provides IMDB account management service for the celebrities at a very reasonable price range.

Shiraj Media also provides the service to publish your valuable article on Wikipedia or on high PA/DA websites. The website helps you to publish your article on the well-known websites like Hindustan Times, DNA, IBTIMES, MIDDAY etc. The publication of your article on these websites can increase your worthiness. People also read articles on Wikipedia. There are crores of articles available on Wikipedia. You can get your valuable article published on Wikipedia with the help of

You can get amazing social media marketing services under the brand name of Shiraj Media. There is another list consisting of varieties of marketing services offered by the website. The list contains Facebook services, Twitter services, Instagram services, Social media account verification services on the website. You can get all kinds of social media platform services with the help of has options to accept payments. It is established by Rajat Singla, a famous entrepreneur having more than 1225 clients all over the world. You can visit the website and get satisfying digital services.

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