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Inspiring Story Of Youngest Digital Entrepreneur in World – “Manish Singh” , Grossed 8 Figure turnover in an Year



Manish Singh

Google Featured as “Youngest Digital Entrepreneur in World”

Manish Singh says With the advancements and changing trends in digital technology, digital marketing is expected to take giant strides in the future. The entire brand marketing game has changed drastically over the years, so that the media consumption, which works as a major factor to establish the presence of any brand, product or individual. A major shift in the audience’s preference and taste has been witnessed in the recent time as traditional media has taken the back seat and digital space is taking the lead.

World today prefer to seek entertainment through social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook rather than television and radio. This digital revolution has made ocean of opportunities for brand marketers to create a distinct positioning for their brand by building a right strategy using the right digital platform and face.

Manish Singh: “The youngest Digital Entrepreneur” – In this competitive world you need to be smart to sell your product and make a mark in this Digital world. Manish Singh is one of the youngest and successful Digital Entrepreneurs in India who started Digital Marketing from his own business. His Company ZZED Media And Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is Leading Brand in Digital Marketing and very much in demand mostly in countries like Canada, United Kingdom (London), Germany, USA

At the Age of 20, Manish Singh Have Achieved the title of Youngest Entrepreneur in India and an Honor of Digital Marketing Expert in very less time Span. Having a Net Profit Capital of 200,000$ in Just an Year. He is working with Leading Brands in India like T-Series, Sony India, Mitushibushi, Hyundai, Badshah, Sangram Singh, as well as in Worldwide collaboration with Drake (Champagnepapi), Hot Money Studios (London) and many more. 

Manish Singh feels India is yet to understand the power of online marketing and has jumped into this business early in India and he feels more people become aware of this online benefit his business will grow even bigger.


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