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Interesting and Fun Facts about Karima Mokhtar, the “Mother of Egyptian Cinema”



Karima Mokhtar 89th Birthday Google Doodle

Google Doodle celebrates the 89th birthday of Karima Mokhtar (كريمة مختار‎), a stage, television, and film actress in Egypt who was considered the “Mother of Egyptian Cinema” on January 16, 2023. Here are some interesting and fun facts about Karima Mokhtar.

Here is a look at the life and work of Karima Mokhtar.

Who was Karima Mokhtar?

Karima Mokhtar
Karima Mokhtar


Birth name: Attyat Mohamed Al Badry
Birth date: 16 January 1934
Birthplace: Asyut, Egypt
Died on:12 January 2017 (aged 82)
Death place: Cairo, Egypt
Famous as: Actress
Spouse: Nour Eldemerdash

15 Interesting Facts about Karima Mokhtar (كريمة مختار)

  1. Karima Mokhtar (كريمة مختار‎) was born Attyat Mohamed El Badry on 16 January 1934 in Asyut, Egypt.
  2. She made the decision to pursue her silver screen dreams, despite the fact that her parents at first disapproved of her acting career.
  3. Before beginning her search for work in the entertainment industry, Karima Mokhtar obtained a bachelor’s degree in theater from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts.
  4. Karima Mokhtar began her career as an actress on the children’s radio program Baba Sharou, and she continued to appear on other radio shows, most notably alongside movie star Salah Zulfikar in the 1963 serial Seven Letters.
  5. Karima, a natural and charismatic performer, won the audition to host the children’s radio show “Baba Sharou.” She was able to get her first movie role in Thaman El-Horeya (The Price of Freedom) as a result of this.
  6. Karima Mokhtar became famous for her role as a young mother of seven children in Al-Hafeed (The Grandson), where she demonstrated her ability to portray maternal characters.
  7. She was married to actor and director Nour Eldemerdash, and they were the parents of television presenter Moataz Eldemerdash.
  8. Amira Hobi Ana (Amira My Love) and Al-Shaytan Ya’ez (The Devil Preaches) were two of Karima’s subsequent successes.
  9. Karima Mokhtar then looked into other mediums like theater and television. In the play El-Eyal Kebret (The Kids Have Grown Up), Karima starred as a wife and mother dealing with family turmoil. She received praise for her performance.
  10. She played one of her most well-known roles in the popular Egyptian soap opera Yetraba Fi Ezo (May He Grow Up Prosperous) later in her career.
  11. In 2007, Karima Mokhtar won the award for Best Actress at the Cairo Arab Media Festival.
  12. She frequently appears as “the mother” in movies and television shows, such as The Kids Have Grown Up and The Grandson (El Hafeed), earning her the title of an iconic “mother figure” in Egyptian cinema. The “Mother of Egyptian Cinema” was well-known for portraying maternal characters with depth and humility.
  13. Karima Mokhtar helped revolutionize the Egyptian film industry and paved the way for future generations of actresses by leaving behind a legacy of strong and sympathetic performances.
  14. Karima Mokhtar’s acting and film work spanned more than fifty years. She was a prolific performer who appeared in numerous movies, television shows, and plays over the course of her career.
  15. In honor of Karima Mokhtar’s 89th birthday, Google featured a Google Doodle on its homepage on January 16, 2023.
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