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Jared Maples – The College Dropout Turned Serial Entrepreneur



jared maples

It has always been a topic of heated debates on whether a college degree or experience is what really matters. In recent times though, successful entrepreneurs like Jared Maples have been proving time and again that College degrees were the things of the past. And now what matters is the experience and the expertise to get a breakthrough in any field. 

Jared Maples is turning the tables and setting the trends as a successful entrepreneur in his field of work and expertise. Jared is a college dropout and he feels that experience matters and is the most important of all. According to Jared, we do not need formal education today as he feels that the education system can be changed a great deal with the internet. He wants the people to feel empowered about the fact that now every little thing they want to know about is available freely on the internet in a matter of a few clicks. So all that is needed is a little google search about anything little or large you want to learn about.

As per Jared, you learn better from your own mistakes when you what is to be done rather than keep reading about them in books and never do them. What you learn this way lasts a lifetime.

Jared Maples – Through Ups and Downs

Jared Maples Serial Entrepreneur

Jared had started his business at a pretty young age of 18. He was good with networking and making connections and soon in a short span of time he was sharing the stage with many influencers but his partner betrayed him and drained all his funds and he was left without any money.

Throughout the next few years, he would try starting multiple ventures but nothing seemed to be working. But he never left trying. And today he and his wife Sharaya lead a huge organization that has over 30,000 customers and distributors across the world. 

Jared gives all the credit for his success to his early days of failure and learning. The humbleness and patience that he had learned during these days have instilled in him the qualities that help serve others better. 

Jared and his wife Sharaya had been through a personal debacle as well when Sharaya had suffered two back-to-back miscarriages. That was a tough thing for them to deal with since the hopes, dreams and all the emotional roller coaster of highs and lows took a toll on them but eventually, they came out of it stronger sharing their emotional experiences with people to help them cope up with similar losses if not the same.

Jared Maples – The Philanthropist

Jared Maples

One core principle that Jared Maples always believed in is to give back to society in some way or the other. Over the years, while Jared has been successfully building his businesses, he has been going to places across the world helping the poverty-stricken and the needy people. Jared is a classic example of what giving back to society, is all about. Finding someone so successful and at the same time staying grounded in all his humbleness is very rare. 

Jared shows us that being a true leader is not just about running a successful business, it is also about creating meaningful opportunities for the masses and serving humanity through your impeccable leadership.

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