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Exclusive: Brendan Cox Launches New Book ‘365 Days of Social Posts For Real Estate Agents’



Exclusive Brendan Cox Launches New Book 365 Days of Social Posts For Real Estate Agents

Serial entrepreneur Brendan Cox started his career buying and selling niche Instagram accounts and now he’s teaching realtors how to conquer their own social media marketing goals. Cox, who is also behind the business media empire, Business Blurb just announced the release of his new guide book ‘365 Days of Social Posts For Real Estate Agents.’

“The importance of social media is becoming more and more evident within every industry. This applies even more when you work in the heavily competitive real estate industry” he continued… “Agents that lack a strong social media presence will slowly vanish. To be successful in the real estate world, you need to showcase way more than just houses online, and this book emphasizes just that.”

Cox has a long and impressive history in the social media industry, first founding Cox Visuals in 2015. Cox Visuals is a social media agency that specializes in helping businesses and brands leverage social media to its fullest extent. The Generation Z-powered company works with businesses, influencers, and realtors to help build a strong digital footprint around their brands. Cox told us, “our vision is realizing the full potential of digital media through delivering brand marketing and social media expertise that will enhance our clients’ online image and cultivate brand growth.”

On the flip side, Cox founded Business Blurb, a business and entrepreneurial media company which is dominating all social platforms. According to Forbes, “Business Blurb has amassed a massive entrepreneurial-based audience targeted directly at Gen-Z. With over 20,000,000 monthly impressions within one month of inception, our team is confident in the future of the company”

If you are a realtor and ready to go full-force on creating a stand-out social media presence, make sure to check out Brendan’s latest book: ‘365 Days of Social Posts For Real Estate Agents.

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