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Kevin Sacchi ~ An Italian Bewitching Digital Entrepreneur



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The conventional advertising techniques and new digital knowledge in an incredible way and it is an inspiring presence that could make others feel encouraged and motivated. An extensively formed and an exceptionally compatible command on the Digital Marketing industry, is what makes an incredible Digital Entrepreneur.

Kevin Sacchi is one such persona with all the abilities to work in a right direction and make things work out magically well with his technical skills. His way of working in a pre planned manner and realizing his own passion and talent lead him on the path of success. He is one of the youngest and most successful entrepreneurs of Italy. His niche is digital marketing, and he has worked really passionately to make it successful.

Kevin Sacchi initial working years.

Kevin’s life was positively transforming for him as he transformed optimistically from a child who was bullied to a man who has global recognition because of his marvelous work he is doing and numerous talents he possess. He learned martial arts in his initial days as a responsive behavior for his bullying but later he utilized his learned talents, and performed as stunt artist for various movies. His inclination towards the technical world was more and hence, he is decided to cultivate himself in that sphere. He did a diploma course in computer science, and thus, polishing his skills professionally.

Kevin Sacchi’s growth years

His name got included among the country’s top influencers, and he got recognition among top personalities soon. The fabulous platform like Triller(Music Video App)of 60 million users who is among the firsts in the world rankings with creator of the caliber of (DJ KHALED, TYGA, JAKE PAUL, POST MALONE, LEAELUI, LIL PUMP etc.), perceiving his outstanding talents, and successes, declared him as their official brand ambassador in Italy. Kevin is presently engaged in a lot of projects involving brand and social media management. His influential popularity makes him one of the most in-demand brand influencers and social media managers in Italy.

His present working projects revolve around managing the branding and images of several big companies, brands, restaurants, shops, etc. His disciplined way of planning makes him one of the best in the digital entrepreneurship.

Kevin Sacchi’s impeccable attainments

He has been involved in projects with renowned brand names such as Adidas, Nike, Rolex, and Supreme and the list is unending. With time, his scope and areas of work are getting expanded and finer . He is the founder, and CEO of the company KS Digital Force. He was chosen for “The Best Italian Social Media Manager” award for his extraordinary and impeccable social media management record. One unique and the first of its kind award to his name that he received this year is “The first INKFLUENCER in the World” award. Many VIPs like Michelle Hunziker, J-Ax, Marracash, Nek etc. Wore the Inkfluencer brand.

His inkfluence can be clearly seen by looking at his social media handles like Instagram ( which are crossing the follower Fan club in millions. He got featured on several International sites such as FamousBirthday, IMDB, imposing magazines such as WEBSTARS MAGAZINE (Panini publishing house), radio important, international Apps such as (Akinator) and on TV on sky 124 in the series ‘Impractical Jokers’.

We wish him all the gold and glitter for his upcoming brighter future.

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