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Kidney stones effective treatment at home



Kidney stones effective treatment at home

Dr. Allen’s device provides the only safe treatment of kidney stones at home. The device improves blood circulation in both kidneys, dissolving kidney stones in them at the same time.

Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) and other surgical procedures to remove kidney stone can cause new health problems while Thermobalancing therapy with Dr. Allen’s Device provides an effective and safe solution to dissolve them.

Despite the fact that ESWL and percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) are risky, these surgical procedures to remove kidney stones are recommended to almost all patient with kidney stone disease.

Surgical procedures to remove kidney stones are risky

People should know that after renal calculi removal with ESWL and PCNL men and women can experience adverse events. Thus, the common complications after these surgical procedures are bleeding and infection, which in some cases, especially after PCNL this may become extremely dangerous, as 3% of people can expect sepsis.

Furthermore, surgical procedures remove a kidney stone but do not stop the formation of stones in kidneys. 50% of patients with kidney stone disease develop new renal calculi within the next 5 years and face the same problems and new bills for risky surgeries again.

Moreover, long-term complications after these surgical interventions can include high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus and chronic kidney failure or chronic kidney disease.

Dr Allen’s Device dissolves kidney stones without side effects

Thermobalancing therapy with Dr. Allen’s Device received a patent in the US as a “Therapeutic device and method”. Dr. Allen’s device improves blood circulation in kidneys, when natural thermoelements are applied tightly to the body in the projection of both kidneys, in the back.

Dr. Allen’s Device is a class 1 medical device, so everyone can use it at home without worrying, as this treatment is harmless. Fine Treatment the official distributor of the innovative device, delivers this product via Royal mail tracking service.

In addition, surgical interventions to remove kidney stones are expensive. This cost of the procedures may cost thousands of US dollars, and the number of expenses may increase if postoperative complications may require additional hospitalization. While Thermobalancing therapy with Dr. Allen’s device is a cost-effective solution. The price is less than 200 US Dollars that include the delivery to a patient’s home.

Thermobalancing treats kidney stones as mono-therapy

The time to improve symptoms varies from 2 weeks to 3 months, depending on the duration of the problem. For example, a large kidney stone or a long illness requires more time for positive results. However, it is recommended that you wear the device for at least 6 months, even after the symptoms disappear.

It is easy to look after the device. No battery is involved, as the natural thermoelement uses the body heat, as the source of energy. Dr. Allen’s Device is active for a year or even longer.

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