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Marcel Pagnol: Google Doodle celebrates the French producer’s 125th birthday



marcel pagnol 125th birthday google doodle

The present Google Doodle celebrates the French producer, playwright, and novelist Marcel Pagnol’s 125th birthday on February 28, 2020.

Marcel Pagnol was a French writer, playwright, and movie producer. Viewed as an auteur, in 1946, he became the first movie producer selected for the Académie française. Even though his work is less fashionable than it used to be, Marcel Pagnol is still, for the most part, viewed as one of France’s greatest 20th-century writers and is outstanding for the way that he exceeded expectations in pretty much every medium—memoir, novel, dramatization, and film.

Marcel Pagnol

Marcel Paul Pagnol was born on 28 February in 1895 in the town of Aubagne, Bouches-du-Rhône département, just outside of Marseilles in Southern France. He followed in the footsteps of his dad, a local school director, and sought after a career in education. Marcel Pagnol experienced childhood in Marseille with his more youthful siblings Paul and René, and more youthful sister Germaine.

In between lessons, Marcel Pagnol worked on his plays, novels, and poetry, and when his comedic dramatization “Topaze” (1928) became a significant hit on the Paris stage, he retired from teaching for good.

Building up himself as a prominent playwright during cinema’s change from quiet movies to the sound period, Marcel Pagnol perceived a new world of chance in adapting his stories to the silver screen. By 1931, he had produced his first film, “Marius,” the leading installment of his celebrated “Marseilles” trilogy, which revolved around life in the port town of his birth.

Credited as a pioneer of the neo-realist movement, Marcel Pagnol proceeded to direct and create a collection of award-winning movies, assisting with forming French film’s golden decade of the 1930s and ’40s.

In acknowledgment of his contributions, in 1946, Marcel Pagnol became the first producer at any point chose as an individual from the recognized Acádemie française (“French Academy”), France’s official expert on the French language.

With his reminiscent, realist style, Marcel Pagnol painted a heartfelt and comical picture of regular French life, impacting generations of movie producers simultaneously.

Moreover, Marcel Pagnol had likewise famously interpreted some of Shakespeare’s plays in French. Died in Paris on 18 April 1974, Marcel Pagnol was entombed at the cemetery La Treille in Marseille.

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