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Meet an budding talented music artist, Trevor Nelson aka TRVE



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This American music artist has been on the grids on the music industry emerging as one of the finest music talents in the country.

The current golden era of generation are blessed with talented people across diverse fields and sectors. With constant developments happening in every niche and domain, the demand and number of talented individuals and professionals have gone up like never before. Be it be any different sector, Business, It, Healthcare, Retail, Entertainment, or Media, these young guns have punched above their weight to prove their prowess and showcase their talent, skill, and expertise in front of millions of people. The entertainment and music industry too as an niche sector has seen tremendous loads of talented people making the way to the top and entertaining people to the core. We came across one such talented young music professional from Atlanta, GA scaling great heights of success in a short span of time and announcing himself in grand style, Trevor Nelson aka TRVE.

TRVE is an dynamic and spirited music artist who has been in the league of his own, whose compositions has created waves within the music industry catapulting him to find an permanent place in the hearts of the audiences and taking his popularity to next level. His singing and composing skills have entertained audiences to the core which has enabled him to attract and attain millions of listeners, fans, and followers. Being mere 20 years of age, TRVE was inclined towards the art and craft of music since childhood. Being extremely driven and passionate about music making, TRVE pushed boundaries to hone his skills and develop an panache of his own. His debut track “Can’t Go A Day” was a colossal hit which garnered more than 500K streams on Spotify and also on other streaming platforms. TRVE is one of the selected music professionals who has earned the Gold status on Spotify. TRVE also features on top 100 on the Digital Radio Chart and is currently charting at #8 on the Top 150 independent artists.

Taking lot of  inspiration from artists like XXXTENTACION, Shawn Mendes, Drake, ZAYN, Eminem, Trippie Redd, Juice WRLD, Sam Smith etc, TRVE has always delivered something unique and different which has mesmerized millions of listeners across the world. He has also collaborated with many artists on different world stages, one big collaboration was with Reggie Mills for the song “Dreaming” which also created landmarks in the music industry with more than 60K streams across all platforms. This track was also placed on Spotify’s Fire Finds Playlist.

TRVE is currently working on many exciting projects which are in due pipeline to be released soon. We are certain of the fact that they all will be massive hits. For more details, do follow TRVE on Instagram @trve.

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