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Meet Maziar Attarian, an rising music artist and singer taking the music world by storm.



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Flourishing as an true-blue music professional in the music realm with his innate skills and talent is Maziar Attarian.

The way the young brigade of the current golden era of generation have progressed, it has left millions of people speechless about it. With the advent in technology, advancements, and emergence of many digital and social media platforms, it has further produced umpteen number of work opportunities for many enabling them to reach to every nook and corner of the world. This young talent is changing the work scenario efficiently. When we talk about music industry, which has grown tremendously with its various versions which includes – Rap, DJ, Folk music, R&B, Hip-hop and many more. Enchanting everyone with great singing abilities and tracks has been Maziar Attarian who has raised many eyebrows spear heading to the top of the music industry.

He is a passionate and driven soul who was born to be an true-blue singer and music artist. Swiftly taking over the music industry with his innate talent and skills, Maziar has become one of the most seek and sought-after music professionals delivering great versatile hits which has enthralled millions of listeners around the world. To gain this level of success was not like a bed full of roses for Maziar. His pure talent and self-confidence are the pillar of his success tower. His songs like – Sarzamine Man, Corona, Jazireye Man, Shamse Sharghi, Asemane Eshgh, Toope Sefid, Panjare ha and many more have gained huge success and audiences has acknowledge the creative music skill of Maziar.

The artist has firmed his place and position within the ultra-competitive music industry. To reach great level within the music niche and to be a consistent performer demands pro music knowledge, creativity and skills to perform effectively. Maziar has been that one prolific performer that not only has all of these assets but has also gone to next level with his supreme talents.

We are sure that promising music stars like Maziar Attarian will further mesmerize audiences with his melodious voice and catchy tracks. Keep entertaining yourself with his Spotify

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